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just a day after my mother-in-law turned 81, she tested positive for COVID.

Day five and she remains asymptomatic.  One of her caregivers and two other patients in the memory care unit are also positive.  We remain hopeful for a good outcome for all.
























Just as so many others our holiday was different this year.  My sisters and I have felt strongly about practicing social distancing and felt it was necessary to make changes to our family traditions in order to protect each other.  It hasn’t been easy.

Mr. Red Dirt grilled steak and I made crab cakes for our Christmas Eve dinner.  It was so delicious.  We felt quite fortunate to have such a nice meal.  We have felt the pinch this year too and worry about the future.

Christmas morning Mr. Red Dirt made the most awesome breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausage and eggs.  Then we did a few porch gift drop-offs.  The remainder of the day was home alone with the fur and feathery children.  All the regular traditions of family gatherings gone.

We had a nice day together spending time watching classic Christmas movies snuggling under soft blankets. We had snack food for a mid-day meal and  I made punch, enough for the entire county. For dinner, I roasted a chicken and made mashed potatoes and a carrot soufflé that turned out yucky.   We had way too much to eat.  Yesterday I made chicken pot pie and chicken soup with the leftovers.  In-spite of everything, we had a very nice holiday.

The same day we received news about Alice testing positive, two of my girls became ill. Little Red girl passed away immediately.

 Amber Ale, I brought in the house to try and nurse her. It seemed rather hopeless as I did all I could and there wasn’t an improvement. For two long days, she didn’t eat and had horrible violent seizures. I resorted to using a syringe to get water with electrolytes into her, which is rather tricky with a chicken as they can easily drown this way.  Finally Christmas Day she started improving. Wet cat food watered down was the first thing I got her to eat.  Then I shredded carrots and broccoli and chopped blueberries and strawberries.  She also gets oatmeal with a bit of bacon grease.  Considering how sick she was and still is, it feels like a miracle that she is doing as well as she is.  She is preening today, that is a very good sign.  Amber is also feeling well enough to walk around and explore the house a bit.  She spent the first couple of days in the bathroom where it was quiet and peaceful for her to rest.  So good to have her out and about.   She has decided that sleeping on the dog bed with Boo is her favorite place to be.


I hope that you were able to find peace and love during this difficult holiday season.


Until next time, be safe and well.

xo, kim

6 thoughts on “Day five and all is well

  1. Debra Smith says:

    It is a hard time, for sure. I hope humans and fowl will improve and flourish. I have to tell you the photo of the black chicken looking up at your chicken artwork made me smile!

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    1. Thank you my friend. Your beautiful painting of my dear sweet Stanley Roo has top billing. Xo, kim


  2. Linda Schaub says:

    It seems 2020 continues to kick you and your loved ones in the pants over and over again Kim. I am worry to hear about your mother-in-law and hopefully by now, since it a few days later, the outcome is still the same as you wrote here. I’m sorry you lost Little Red Girl but at least Amer Ale rallied back. Your house looks so homey and full of Christmas spirit. Boo dog looks wistful – I’m glad to see him in your photos. Best to you in 2021 – you need some good luck.

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    1. Happy New Year Linda – Boo dog always looks that way. He is always in a state of anxiety – the poor thing – trauma from his life life prior to coming to us and part of it is his seizures. We love on him the best we can. My mother-in-law had a few minor symptoms the other day, but is doing quite well thank goodness. They are still keeping her in quarantine, which she doesn’t like. Who does? The new year is going to be better for everyone – I’ve decided. All the best to you and the critters. xo kim

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      1. Linda Schaub says:

        Happy New Year Kim and thanks for the well wishes. Poor Boo dog. My next door neighbor’s dog came from a former bad home situation where he was beaten by the man of the house. The result is that he goes crazy barking and baring his teeth whenever a man comes into the house and then he must be locked into a room if any repair person is working inside. He’s a small, mixed breed dog. Glad your mother-in-law seems to be on the mend – I will keep her and your family in my thoughts.

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  3. Debra Smith says:

    I meant to wish Amber good health. What a sweet, precious girl.


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