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Stranger than fiction.

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I  must say that the events of this first week of 2021 have been anything but peaceful.

I received my completed projects from my beginner’s ceramics class I took.  The hot mess flower and the moon wall pocket.  The pocket part on the moon is surrounded by a green snake, tucked inside is a mushroom.  I planted it with a succulent and now they both hang in my bathroom.  I made holes in the clay when I made them so that they could be hung on the wall, but during the firing in the kiln, the holes sealed up.  I glued hangers to the back and then beaded the wire with assorted glass beads.  They make me smile and laugh at how ridiculously clumsy and childlike they are.

This is our new bathroom in the addition that we have worked on these many past years.  The walls are painted green, although on my monitor they look yellow.


Other projects on the work table are paper mache moons and heats.  I started out wanting to make some spun cotton ornaments and quickly realized I wasn’t skilled and patient enough at this time to continue pursuing.  Perhaps at another time.  I got derailed after the events that unfolded this week, so I spent the next day shredding vintage book pages and sheet music along with copies of my paintings.  Rather rewarding doing all that ripping of pages.


Amber Ale continues to get stronger each day, although I picked her up today and took her out for some fresh air and sunshine.  I realized how very thin she still is.  She had a long dust bath and did some scratching around, but as soon as she saw the other chickens she was ready to come back into the house.


My mother-in-law’s health has been up and down all week.  What a crazy roller coaster.  She is doing better at this time.  Her lung x-ray was clear and that is a good sign.  One day at a time is all that we can do.


Sorry for the large format of this video – I am not sure how to make it smaller.  As soon as Bee sees me, she comes running, hops up in my lap, and tucks up under my arm.  She loves to cuddle, and it is her safe zone.  I hope you have a safe spot to tuck up into as the world spins in all the craziness.  Be safe, be well.





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3 thoughts on “This first week of 2021

  1. Debra Smith says:

    Hello! I LOVE this post! I’m still smiling and laughing-how adorable your pet loves to cuddle under your arm! Your art is beautiful Kim. YOU are the one with so much creativity-not me! I love your house and the crazy sweetness of having chickens and dogs and cats and people all housing together! Listen-your book needs to be written because the world needs to smile. We need your beauty.
    I hope Mama recovers completely and feels better soon. 🙂


  2. D> A. Squires says:

    Kim…wishing you and your family (people and animals) health and peacefulness as we begin this fragile new year… and love that you are thinking about a book!! A wonderful idea!! Your art is so charming and whimsical… it makes me smile : ) Speaking of which, I just ordered my robin’s eggs/nest earrings for spring. The photo of the darling bluebird is prize winning…have you thought of mounting some of your photos on cardstock for framing or on notecards… the problem for me would be which ones to pick!! Hope Amber Ale continues to recover…the hardest part of farm living.

    I’m so glad you are posting again, just love when Red Dirt Farm arrives in my inbox… flowers, paper moons, ceramic Alice in Wonderland creations, chickens, and most of all, the warmth of your home and heart.

    xo Debbie


  3. Linda Schaub says:

    Your post brings sunshine with those bright colors from your crafts and the bird at the very top. I don’t think they look clumsy at all – cheery and you need it with the events that were unfolding the first week. Glad to hear your mother-in-law’s lungs are clear and she’s keeping any bad COVID symptoms at bay. I liked seeing Boo and Amber Ale catching some ZZZZZs and the shy Bee poking her head out to say hello. They all made me smile. 🙂 Take care Kim.


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