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It is a cold frosty morning, the grass crunches under my feet.  Blue Jay’s are screaming loudly and insistently.  Don’t they always?  That Cat is stalking something with deep concentration.  Eyes laser-focused on his subject.


Then I get that look of total disdain, “really Mom you’re going to take my photo now?”









This hawk came two days in a row.  It sat quietly up in the same tree.  Surveying the kingdom below and making plans for what?  Only he knows.

We have had the most lovely warm and sunny weather for January.  I have taken lots of long walks in the forest and breathed in the fresh air and listened to the sounds all around me.  I have carried Amber Ale chick outside each day and sat guard over her while she dust bathed and sunbathed and ate nibbles of grass.





I discovered that the roof on little halfmoon cottage is leaking and must be replaced.  I store my mother’s collection of fabric in this building.  Mr. Red Dirt has covered it with a tarp until we can make repairs.  The many years’ accumulation of moss on the shingles has caused a bit of decay.  I romanticized how lovely and mystical that moss looked on the roof.  Then the reality came to me, in an unpleasant awakening.  In the back of my mind, I have a plan for this building.

Let me dream about it a bit longer.


My handmade clay spirit charms have been packed up and taken to a local gift shop for purchase.  I said a blessing over them, hoping that each one will find the right soul to inspire.



Mr. Red Dirt smoked a pork loin today. I made a dry rub and coated it with that.  I have rotkohl simmering on the stove and baked beans in the oven.  It will be a delicious feast.

Today it is cold and rainy and a bit of sleet and snow fell too.

This vintage Remington typewriter has made it’s way to our home.

  My muse for future writing.

When I was a young girl my father wrote a book.  At night he worked on typing his book. I could hear him down the hall pecking away at the keys.  I would fall asleep to that sound.  I wonder if he still has that typewriter.  It is a special memory.  While I was too young to understand what he was writing about, I knew that it was something very important to him and therefore by virtue, it must be a good thing.

My heart feels worried about the week coming up.  I pray for peace and safety for all.


Peace, Love, and Nature

xo, Kim

16 thoughts on “nature charms the spirit

  1. pennross says:

    I can relate to going to sleep with a typewriter. Mine was my mom playing the piano. After bedtime stories she would practice. We would fall asleep to Chopin and Beethoven. To this day The moon light sonata can either put me to sleep or make me tear up ☺️

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    1. Oh Penny what a dear wonderful memory. Yes, I can see where that would pull at the heart Thank you for sharing that with me. xo, kim

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  2. pennross says:

    It is a sweet memory. My mom is 98 healthy and lucid but sadly won’t play the piano any more.

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    1. Do you know why? I hope if I still have it together at that age, I will still want to create. Then again, she deserves to do what she wants without question, I suppose.


  3. pennross says:

    She’s living in an independent living place and the only piano is in a public place. I think she’s embarrassed at how out of practice she is. I’ve taken her to the music store in hopes that we could get her set up with an electric piano but she hated the way they sounded (or it was an excuse not to get one- not sure) Her sister, who really is a concert pianist has an electric piano and loves it. So I haven’t figured this out yet. She wants her old baby grand in her apartment but I told her the only place it would fit would be in the bedroom and she’d have to sleep under it. She loved that idea but unfortunately the piano needed so much work we had to sell it (for way to cheap – sad day).

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    1. Oh dear, so much. We love our parents and watching them age and go through transitions are always easy. I hope that a solution will be attainable. So sad about the selling of the piano. This too I understand. xo kim

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  4. Linda Schaub says:

    That rhythmic typing on a typewriter, the swing of the carriage and the cadence of the keys … I was part of that generation on my mom’s old Royal typewriter. I like the nature photos … they give some tranquility to a less-than-tranquil time. I hope for peace in the coming week too as we usher in a calmer era. That Cat is saying “Mom your taking my photo wrecked my concentration.”

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    1. Linda – all that romanticizing of using the old typewriter, I already discovered that it sets my carpel tunnel into spasms. Sigh. Guess I’ll go back to taking photos and not disturb That Cat whilst he is concentrating! LOL xo, Kim

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      1. Linda Schaub says:

        Oh I guess it would do that Kim, all the pounding of the keys and you have to watch your fingers don’t slip between the keys and throw your rhythm off. When I learned to type, I remember our teacher telling us that we had to have that rhythm going and press hard on the keys, swing that carriage return to hit high typing speeds – she said it was a whole experience. πŸ™‚ I remember rolling my eyes about that statement.

        I have worked from home the last decade and use a laptop at the kitchen table. From sitting so many hours a day for work then catching up on social media, blogging, etc. I developed a problem with my shoulder. It was painful and I took the laptop and put it on a one-foot high metal basket and bought a wireless keyboard. It helped immensely to sit a different way, but I will tell you that the keyboard seems like I barely pick my fingers off the keys – it is such a light touch. If you’re not already using a desktop with a keyboard, you might want to try a wireless keyboard – it will be easy on the carpal tunnel. The photo of the vintage typewriter with the big screen behind it made me take a second look. That Cat will appreciate less noise and more nap time.


  5. Debra Smith says:

    I love your creations and hope they will sell. I’m glad Amber Ale is getting out-she looks very good from here. Your photos are always a balm for my soul….I wish we lived close. We’d have a blast. My goose Sam would love to visit too.

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    1. Debra – please bring Sam and we will sip tea and make things and sit in nature and rejoice for all the goodness that is around us. Hugs, my dear friend.


  6. Ginny says:

    I loved this post, and can relate to the typewriter…and the hawk!!! Forty years ago I was bookshop- giftshop manager at a nature center in New Jersey and the same model typewriter was at my elbow…..electric, how exciting was that!! And the hawk…a current day event here in Florida. It concerns me to see him perched on the peak of our neighbors roof surveying our bird feeder area outside our kitchen bay window. We live on a lake frequented by an assortment of ducks who parade daily from the water to assess the seed under the feeder which attracts bunnies, baby ducks (in season, which is the big worry), and squirrels of course…and our hummer feeder hangs there above it all. It brings us so much pleasure and so far no fatalities with the hawk. Nature brings peace and we all need that now. Best wishes, Ginny

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    1. Oh Ginny thank you for sharing that memory with me. That sounds like an interesting job, or at least I think working at a nature center would be enjoyable. This typewriter is not electric, and it is very hard to type on. I’m not sure I will be able to use it regularly, but perhaps for special projects. First, I must find a ribbon for it, and clean and oil it. The keys are very tight and typing on it is hard on my arthritis and my carpel tunnel. Sigh. I often feel guilty about my feeders bating in the wildlife for other larger critters to get them. I so enjoy having the feeders up though, except the squirrels are out of control and they eat me out of house and home! Those birds of prey are so magnificent to see though! We shall hold onto our nature and let it bring peace to our hearts and souls. xo, Kim


  7. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    Beautiful, peaceful post Kim. And that typewriter….love. I love reading your posts because they insire me. xxo

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    1. Thank you Connie, that’s exactly how I feel about yours. Hugs, Kim

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      1. Mrs. N in Japan says:

        hugs πŸ™‚


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