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Morning Light, it’s a new day! Wake up wake up!

We have had the most amazing sunny days!

Are you dreaming of spring and warmer temperatures?  I know I am.  The first of some ordered seeds arrived this week.  I think Burbpee has some of the most uninspiring seed packets, however, I trust their quality.  My sister-in-law used to work for Burpee a very long time ago.  I miss those days.  She sent us so many wonderful seeds, plants, and yard decorations over the years.  My favorite story about her working there was the time she shipped us grapevines.  After a period of time, they had not arrived, and the search was on. The post office told her that they had been delivered.  Another week went by and they finally arrived, with a note from the post office apologizing, saying that they had been delivered to the wrong address.

  Many years later our dear friends brought up in a conversation about the time they had mistakenly received a shipment of grapevines.  At that time they were new to the area and we didn’t know each other.  Our name was missing from the label, and it only had a partial address.  They took the grapevines to the Post Office and explained that they had been delivered to them in error.  It was funny to hear them telling this story, as they had no idea that those were our vines.  The vines are many many years old now and so is our friendship with those good people.

I took this photo of the grape arbor last year on February 20th.  We haven’t had any accumulating snow so far this winter, it is in the forecast for later this week.





Wildflower, Earth and Forest Tokens and a Nest Charm



Acorn spirit charms from nature


Spirit tokens – left are Wildflowers, in the center is Earth, and on the right are Forest


I hope you had a good week.

Just a short post today, to say hello and show you some of the new things I have been making this week.

Spirit charms and tokens inspired by nature, bring positive energy and uplifting messages.

I am really enjoying working with clay at this time, learning and experimenting as I go.   I have a collection of vintage ribbon that I have had for many years, it is like the icing on the cake for my eyes.

Sunny Days to all!

Until next time,

xo, Kim

5 thoughts on “new day new things

  1. Debra Smith says:

    I see Amber Ale watched the inaguration. Your art-making is beautiful. We have had too many gray days but hoping that will change soon.This morning it’s too cold yet to let Sam goose go outside-she is NOT happy about that and lets us know it with loud honking. It’s not even 20 degrees out there! Your ribbons are beautiful-I have the same passion for such lovely stuff.

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    1. Hello Debra – Amber’s TV watching has gotten out of hand. It is cold this morning too and Amber doesn’t like the cold either or when the wind blows and it has been pretty windy the past few days. Honk away sam, warmer days will come – won’t they? Those ribbons make me so darn happy! Be well and hugs to Sam. xo kim


  2. Linda Schaub says:

    You are so darn clever Kim. I loved the colors in your creations and I love the sunny room and that sunny-looking bedspread. We had some sun today and it was so welcome, especially after two days of wintry precip. We have gotten spoiled with the good weather, so when we have bad weather, even routine Winter weather, we grumble. People have been slamming the weather folks as they have lost their way in predicting the weather anymore. Yes, Happy days are here again and we so deserve them. I hope all is well with you and your family. I see Amber Ale is watching the inaugural festivities with Boo dog keeping her company.

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    1. Aw Linda, you say the nicest things. I love that vintage bedspread, it just says happy happy! We make fun of our weather people here too, must be a thing! HA HA! Snow is on the way like it or not! Be safe, and happy walking. xo kim

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      1. Linda Schaub says:

        Thanks Kim – I speak the truth. You have a treasure trove of creations that you feature in your blog posts, all very creative and all made by you. That bright yellow bedspread is so cheery looking and makes the room come alive. Speaking of snow, we have snow moving in tonight at around midnight – supposed to continue until 10:00 p.m. Sunday night. Slow and steady, if it happens – fingers crossed it doesn’t. You stay safe too Kim. Hope your mother-in-law is doing better.


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