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We had a wee dusting of snow this week.  Tonight and into tomorrow and Monday we are expecting snow amounts to be more than we have had the past few years.

I’m doing the happy dance.  Several of my orchids are getting ready to bloom!  After a lifetime of not only not being able to get my orchids to bloom but mostly killing them in record time – they are alive!

  I shower with them, and all my other plants once every other week.

The little orchid on the chair was a birthday gift from my dad last year.  It bloomed most of the winter, into spring and summer,  then it rested through the fall and now it is getting ready to bloom again.

I’m no longer an orchid killer.




On the flip side.











I broke the tip of this moon.  Another one of those learning curve things when working with clay.




Unpleasant weather headlines have made the news all week. I hope you are all getting by without too much hardship.

Not being a fan of winter or winter weather the dusting we had was very much to my taste. It looked pretty for a short period of time and then it quickly melted away.

Preparations are underway for the coming snowstorm.  Extra feed for the animals has been purchased, weather and wind cloths have been attached to all the coops and runs.  Extra straw is on hand the electrically heated waterers are in place.  The generator is ready to go and food provisions are on hand for the humans. It is a bitter 15 degrees this morning.  The wind has been whipping the past few days, making things pretty miserable. The girls are very silent this morning, they aren’t laying eggs.

Amber Ale chick is still living in the house.  She isn’t gaining weight and I feel she has had a bit of a set back these past few days. Her poops are too runny.  I take her out each day and she dust bathes and eats a bit of grass, but doesn’t want to be out long and doesn’t want to be around the other chickens.  One day I saw progress – she was able to get up the porch steps on her own, but since then she hasn’t been able to do it again.  I’m anxious for her to return to outdoor living.  Common sense says she isn’t ready to do it though.

My patience has been wary lately.  I feel impatient with the animals and even worse with Mr. Red Dirt.  He does most of the grocery shopping and I find myself feeling short-tempered with his shopping choices.  He veers off the list I make or makes substitutions that aren’t to my liking and I show it. Mostly because the items we need are not available.  Sigh, note to self breath deep and know that this too shall pass.

I made cat and owl clay critters yesterday.  The owls look less owl like and a bit like old man faces.  I need more practice.  I hope to make a shadow box sort of thing with the clay figures, a 3-d piece.  I have a vision in my head of what I want the end result to be, rarely does it work out that way.

Did you see that blood red wolf moon?  Oh my gosh, it was amazing.  I howled at the moon and Mr. Red Dirt called me Hermoine.

Sadly I didn’t take any photos.  Instead here is a moon shot I took last month.


Acorns from the forest floor and magical little birds of goodwill hang by vintage ribbons.


The Goddess of the Enchanted Forest cast a spell on a family of birds, they slumbered in a nest made of moss and twigs high atop the trees in the forest for many many moons until she awoke them; so that they could cast a spell of goodwill upon those in need.

I am out to fill up the birdfeeders, heaven knows I don’t want the squirrel population to go hungry the next few days.

Keep well, until next time,

xo kim

10 thoughts on “Green and White and a Red Wolf Moon

  1. pennross says:

    The moon lit up the bedroom! At 5am (not sure why I was up) I looked out the window thinking it didn’t look normal. It seemed so close and bright like I could pick it out of the sky.

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    1. Hi Penny – my first thought is who isn’t awake at 5 am – sleep is so elusive these days. It was so large and as you beautifully said it seemed so close that you could pick it out of the sky. Happy moon to you. xo kim

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  2. Debra Smith says:

    Hello-I find myself getting touchy too-and maybe it’s from lack of really good sleep. This mornig I was up at 3 am. It will be a long day. I don’t know much about chicken health-but I was wondering-could Amber Ale need an antibiotic? I know my geese could never tolerate them, so maybe that’s the case for chickens too. I hope she gets better. I love your clay things and I want to play with them! I can’t wait to see the 3-D thing you will make. I’ve been wanting to do that too. Your photos are amazing as always. Your blog is balm to my soul.

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    1. Debra, I have had insomnia for many years, now it is on a new level. I’m sure you are correct – lack of sleep on top of all the uncertainty that we all face is like a double blow. I just shouldn’t take it out on the one person who tries so hard to take care of me (us). I must be better.
      I have never used antibiotics on my chickens, not even sure where to go for it. Thanks for the idea. She seems pretty happy today, but those poops – they aren’t right. Those of us that keep fowl know there are lots of different kinds of poops. We become poop experts! HA
      I would love to be able to learn from you, you have so much crazy good talent and good ideas. It would be so good to be able to share creating together. Someday…
      Thank you for your kind words, my friend, they are a pick me up to my soul. xo, kim


      1. Debra Smith says:

        Yep-I do understand about antibiotics….When one of my geese got bitten by a rabid racoon, we thought she was sick too, so we asked the vet for an antibiotic. I gave her one dose and I thought she was going to die. My husband said-No more! When she had a day to recover from the medicine-she was fine.

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  3. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    Congratulations on orchid success! I made my husband promise to NEVER buy me another orchid. They scream when they come into this house because it’s certain death. It must be the humidity in your shower room that it loves. 🙂

    I HEAR you on the grumpiness. We have al been trudging through some really tough times. All the worry and stress. Our routines turned upside down and not being able to really plan anything because…. we don’t know! And that “don’t know” covers so many things!

    Your art…I’m so glad yo have it. And your love for nature because it is so healing.

    This will pass…yes…just in time for the next piece of crap to hit the fan- eh? BUT…there is still so much of life that is good and beautiful. XO

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    1. Connie thank you for making me laugh over the screaming orchids! What a hoot! I believe you are right about the humidity, they love being in the bathroom during the winter months. Summer, they go outside on my balcony, and I water them regularly and there is always plenty of humidity here in Virginia in the summer!
      Yes, we know how unpredictable life is and that at any moment something else can be thrown up at us. Not being able to plan for the future is very scary and worrisome, to say the least. Thank you for saying that the art is enjoyed and yes, that is how I feel about being with nature. It will pass with a little help from our friends. xo, kim

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  4. Jeannie says:

    I enjoyed the picture of Amber Ale in front of your dog on the comfy rug. Both looked so content. I do hope she gets to feeling better. She is blessed to have you watching over her.

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    1. Hi Jeannie – Amber Ale and Boo Dog have become good buddies. Amber wants to cuddle, Boo dog does not, but he doesn’t mind her laying next to him – just no touching! Thank you for your good wishes and for leaving your kind words. Best, Kim


  5. Linda Schaub says:

    [I am almost a week behind in Reader and scrambling to catch up.] I am delighting in your post and your creations and critters, especially Boo Dog and Amber Ale cozying up together. I think Amber Ale likes a 100% existence indoors, enjoying that pretty sun, the blooming orchids and the nice cooking smells. I hope she gets stronger every day – you have enough on your plate already Kim. I couldn’t see the problem with the moon so I need stronger glasses or you concealed it well. Take care and hope you weathered the snow well. We had calm weather, clear and cold the past few days and got some walking in but the bottom has fallen out now with 2-4 inches of snow for tonight, a rapid freeze-up and temps in single digits. Sigh. Where’s that Groundhog and my “Groundhog Helper” anyway?

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