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Early February

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

The snow came.  More is on the way.

One can not deny that it makes everything seem magical, even if for just a moment in time.
















Work on the Little Half-Moon cottage was supposed to start this week.  The weather has put that work on hold.  So far, the tarp over the roof is holding up.

As always, the chickens don’t like to put their feet in the snow so they stay on the path that Mr. Red Dirt has shoveled for them.  Did you have snow?


I baked an apple pie this week, sorry we ate it all before I ever took the first photo!  Here is the basic recipe I used, except I added about half a cup of dried cranberries to it.  Awesome good stuff.

All this snow is having me really missing my fresh flowers and going out to the gardens to walk among the blooms and hear the birds sing and watch all the buzzing creatures flit from flower to flower.  Our farmer neighbor that always tills the gardens for the wildflowers has COVID.  My dad’s neighbor passed from COVID last week too.  So much sadness.

I haven’t left the house in weeks.


Dried flowers from our gardens, remind me that spring and the growing season is on the way.





I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for those that have placed orders with me recently.  It helps my financial situation of course, but it really lifts my spirits to know that my little creations are enjoyed by others.  A sincere thank you.


To help with cabin fever and the winter doldrums which both have a tight grip on me, this week I made tiny little sculptures from upcycled wood and little clay figures.  I call them story sculptures and one tiny story shadow box. They depict sweet, happy, little stories about life at Red Dirt Farm.

Whimsical and colorful, they bring a smile to my face.

They are available in my on-line shop.

  This shadow box is called Purple cat with his pet bird, Sparrow.  Roosters crowing in the background and the haunted creaking sound at the end of the video – screen door closing.



We are of the thought that Amber Ale chick, may never again live full-time outside.  She certainly is happy inside with Boo dog.


Please be safe and well until next time,

xo, Kim


18 thoughts on “Early February

  1. Pam says:

    I think Amber Ale has decided the indoor life is for her long ago lol! Her and Boo Dog look like the bestest of friends.❤ Your home looks magical in the snow. So pretty! After a very mild start winter has finally found us here in Michigan. We just got blasted with about a foot of snow in the last 2 days with another 2 feet expected over the next week. I usually dread winter, but with the heavy snows coming later in the winter the last few years, it certainly makes it a lot more bearable. More sunshine sure would be nice though.

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    1. Hi Pam, I guess I know you are right about Amber! Thank goodness Boo is so accepting, he is a good dog. I suppose when one lives with a lot of snow you grow accustomed to it. Me, we had only a few inches and I am ready to pack my bags and permanently move to a tropical island where it never snows! Usually, February and March are our hardest months, but nothing like what you get. Sunshine definitely makes everything better, doesn’t Fingers crossed we make it through the next round of storms. xo, kim


  2. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    Hi Kim,
    When it snows, everything seems so quiet and fresh. We really enjoyed our few days of winter magic. But like you- I don’t want the snow to hang around long. Maybe if I lived in a ski area and skied. But other than that- no.
    I’m looking forward to the Spring too. New life… freshness… butterflies and ladybugs 🐞 and flowers. Here we are looking forward to the Ume and Sakura trees in bloom.
    Your neighbor… I really hope he pulls thru covid well and recovers. Like everyone- I just want this to end.

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    1. Hi Connie – sorry to be slow to respond. This week has been busy and it is only Wed! The dreaded snow is on the way again! Thank you for letting me escape through your Ume buds and blooms – that lifts my spirits. Here is to a warmer season with all the goodness we all love and look forward to. Big hugs to you, xo kim

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      1. Mrs. N in Japan says:

        I’m slower than you. I just saw this😂


  3. Debra Smith says:

    My heart is just melting over the photo with Boo and Amber Ale….I wish I could hold Amber. I want to tell you your posts have helped me so much. Seeing you and hubby, your home, the critters, your art, your cooking and your beautiful interior photos-it all makes me feel happy and healthy in the head. I need that so much-we all do. Thank you-I know it’s so hard not going anywhere, and maybe feeling hopeless…but your blog helps me. Just wanted to say so.

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    1. Debra – you are so kind and generous in your message to me, and that helps me to feel better too. We all need that little something extra to give us hope and an escape, even if it is just for a few minutes. We are having a bad day today with Amber and my heart is breaking. xo, kim


  4. Stacy Ayres says:

    Hi Kim, I enjoy reading your posts on Monday morning. It gives me a peaceful moment before the crazy work week starts. I love seeing all your photos of the animals and the farm. Thank you for sharing your home, family and life. May your friends recover swiftly from covid. I hope you find your peace this week.

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    1. Stacy – thank you so much for leaving me this kind message. It brings a sense of calm and peace to my heart to know that you care. Sending you all good thoughts and wishes. xo, kim


    1. It is lovely to look at. We have more coming!

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      1. We got ice. 🙄🤣

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      2. Ugh, that’s never good. We have some of that coming in the next couple days.

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  5. Linda Schaub says:

    Winter has never been my favorite season Kim, but your photos of the snow do make it look magical, especially since your year-’round posts always show so much activity going on outside and now everything lies dormant, except for the bird feeders, where your feathered friends gather. I like the bird who ponders those mealworms in the dish. Your nest with the blue “eggs” is an exciting reminder that Spring will come along eventually. How is your mother-in-law’s COVID – is she doing better Kim? Boo dog and Amber Ale look content and sleepy.


  6. Jeannie says:

    I love the colors you have chosen to paint your house. They are beautiful. I can’t mix and match colors at all but you have an artist’s magical eye.
    The snow arrived here this week and it doesn’t seem to want to stop falling. Today I finally got out and took a few pictures. It was magical but very slick. I definitely prefer spring to winter.


  7. KT Workman says:

    We got around five inches of snow here, but what was worse was the cold. We had temps down a bit below zero, something we haven’t had here in Arkansas in years. I think there were five days straight that it didn’t get above freezing. Brrr…I’m not used to that. Now, here about two weeks later, the days are rising into the 60s. Go figure.
    I always enjoy your posts and photos, Kim. Your place looks idealistic, and so homey. I lived in the country most of my life, have been in the city for around 20 years now. I miss nature, living in a rural setting. Your pics take me back. Thank you.


  8. Joyce Wilson says:

    Hi Kim,. I just read about you in my “First” magazine. How exciting!! So I looked up your website. I am sorry that you lost your mother in such a horrible way. What an amazing way to carry on with your life. I love all of the beautiful pictures. I am currently taking care of my 94 year old Mom and 64 year sister who has dementia. You are very inspiring!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Joyce – you are the one that is inspiring. You certainly have a very full plate. I hope that you are able to find time for yourself and take care of yourself as you need. I didn’t do that, I neglected my body and soul and it has had a lasting impact on me. It is so kind and thoughtful of you to take time to find my website, and to write a lovely note, I sincerely appreciate hearing from you. All the best, Kim xo


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