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Exhaustion. I haven’t slept well in over a week now and it is really catching up with me. I’m really feeling worn out.

What are you feeling these days?

A goal I am working on is decluttering. I am trying to work towards less is more. That’s really hard for me, I am not a minimalist. I love stuff and stuff that holds memories – I am a total sucker for. I am a collector of many things.


Starting a new painting.




Boxes of stuff ready to be donated to a thrift store.








I somehow managed to distract myself or get off track if you will.  I pulled a handful of items out of my thrift-store donation pile and repurposed them.  Eek, I guess I am going to have to work harder on the decluttering thing.  I put flowers in the creamers and glued a nest I made to the mini-tea pot.  I painted bees on one plate and butterflies on another.  I did all this because I have been going through a very difficult time with creative block.  I had a couple of commissions that I needed to complete and send off.  I just could not get my head in the right place to paint and when I would try everything came out awful.  One of my favorite things to paint is bees, so I used that as an excuse to get back in a rhythm and it helped quite a bit.  I was finally able to finish the three paintings that I had been struggling with, and mailed them off to their new home.

Sadly, sleep remains elusive, I thought perhaps once I finished the paintings my mind would relax and I would sleep.  So far the only one sleeping is That Cat.


Soon the summer Olympics will be happening in Tokyo.  I thought what a perfect time to introduce Connie, she is a German-American married to a Japanese man living in Japan. We met through blogging, several years ago and have kept in touch and have formed a friendship.  While on the surface it seems our lives are quite different we also share many interests and have been going through some similar life events  – like we both lost our mothers recently and have found ourselves on different life paths than we thought we would be on. I quite frankly had been uneducated in Japanese culture and had no interest in learning. Therefore, it has been surprisingly fun exploring this country and their customs with Connie and experiencing her life through her beautiful photos and videos and stories.   You might enjoy meeting her and learning about that part of the world that soon will be front and center.  She is tech savy and I am not, but she is going to walk me through the process and we will “meet” for the first time through Zoom, sometime in the near future. She is my unexpected friend.

Blog:  Making the Best of It

Be well everyone.

Until next time,

xo, Kim

#Sunnysgardenofhope – Sunnys Garden of hope is the name of the garden where I grow flowers that I donate to cancer patients at our local hospital. The garden is named after Sunny Beecher.

16 thoughts on “Creative block no sleep and an unexpected friend in Japan

  1. Mrs. N says:

    Dear Kim🌻❤️- consider yourself hugged. I deeply understand the “brain” blockage … and insomnia. Both are awful. But looking at your beautiful photos…!! Wow! Kim- you are such a talented artist! I mean that sincerely! 🐝 I loooove bees!

    I once dreamed of having an apiary- 🐝

    And those butterflies! Omygosh- a birds nest on the tea-pot?!

    Total bliss🥰…. How I miss scouring the second-hand shops in small town USA! Nothing like that here.

    And I’m really touched that you would mention me in your post. I really value the friendship we have and are building. I think I’m so many ways we are kindred spirits 💞☮️🌻🐝

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  2. pennross says:

    I’ve been having the same creative block with the same disappointing results when I try to paint or draw. During a meditation today I had a glowing tiger come towards me. When I looked up the meaning it was about persistence and conviction. So, I guess I’ll just keep trying. Maybe it’s a clue for both of us?

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    1. Connie – you have the loveliest of ways with your words. See that’s another thing I wouldn’t have known – no second-hand shops in Japan? Or is it just in your area? I wanted to keep bees – Charles is horribly allergic, he just had a bad encounter this week. I wanted to take him to the hospital but he said no. He got stung above his eye, his eye swelled shut and the whole side of his face was unrecognizeable. Scary stuff.
      Peace my friend.
      xo, kim


    2. Penny – I know all artists go through these blocks it seems to be part of a natural process. Frustrating at times though, especially when you have a deadline to meet. Maybe that’s what it is all about for me, I don’t do deadlines! A glowing tiger – how interesting and absolutely on target – don’t you think – persistence and conviction. Keep trying and you will get there. xo, Kim


      1. pennross says:

        Look up a song by a woman named Jacaranda called Bumblebe. I thought of you and your bee interest. 🙂

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      2. How delightful! Thank you for sharing that.

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  3. Linda Schaub says:

    The video was peaceful and beautiful Kim. So many gorgeous flowers and I loved that it’s not far from a street, yet the quiet and peace overtakes the area. I saw a butterfly or two flitting by and loved the bird that sang for at least five minutes straight. Sorry to see you had so much devastation from the storm. I like that you repurpose things to make new, more-creative artwork.


  4. LaDy says:

    Loved the walk through Sunny’s Garden. Very meditative.


  5. I love your garden too, and especially loved hearing the birds singing, and the frog and rooster too? I hope your artist’s block will politely vanish!


  6. Mrs. Gumboots says:

    Hello- lovely post!


  7. Mrs. Gumboots says:

    Whoops- sorry- my link didn’t post correctly


  8. Mrs. Gumboots says:

    Hi Kim, this is Mrs. Gumboots! I’m so in love with your beautiful garden! 🐞❤️🌻

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  9. Linda Schaub says:

    Hi Kim – I had a difficult time posting on your current post. Also, it said “2 comments”, but none were displayed. So, I’m going to post here:
    Wow, what a tough choice Kim. Red Dirt Farm is quaint, homey and comfortable, but this Florida respite is really spectacular as well. Walk into the pool area … tough choice. Let us know your decision.

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    1. Thanks Linda – I pulled that post. I was uncomfortable with it.

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      1. Linda Schaub says:

        OK, thanks for telling me. I thought there was some WordPress mischief going on.


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