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It’s been a snowless January, I am more than ok with that.  Intermittent days of sunshine and above normal temps.





It’s raining today.  Tomorrow, perhaps a wintery mix.  Cheerful colors in the veggie bin make me smile and chocolate chip cookies go well with a warm cup of coffee.



January has been a time of reflection. Time to process the losses that were too many in 2022 on a personal level as well as collectively.   Time for lots of meditation, asking my spirit guides for their wisdom and courage and strength.  Lots of PJ time cuddling That Cat. I have made time to paint almost every day, a real luxury and a new practice for me, to work consistently.  Discipline – it’s a new word in my vocabulary.  Ha I can hear the laughter.

Almost a year ago, I started to clear out a room to use as my space for art.  That got put on hold as other more important things came up that needed my attention.  I have a separate building that has been my studio in the past, but it hasn’t suited me to use that space for many years.  This past year that Boo dog was alive he couldn’t walk and he always wanted to be in the room with me.  He weighed too much for me to constantly carry him from space to space, so I ended up painting at the kitchen table, in the kitchen/great room where we do all of our living and where Boo’s bed was.  But it wasn’t without challenges, as the kitchen table was always full of projects and I had to put away the paints every meal time.  Even though we lost Boo dog last summer, I continued to work there out of habit/laziness or convinence.  It was time for me to make a new space with a fresh perspective.

Decluttering my mind, my space and owning up to things that I have done to self sabotage.  Moving forward in the best possible way, sometimes stumbling and falling, but picking myself back up and trying again.


Still working on decluttering and donating items, but at least I have a dedicated space that is starting to take shape and allows me to go and create whenever the feeling hits me.  There are lots of twinkle lights and healing stones.  Vases of flowers and cards and art from friends near and far.





Years ago at auction I purchased a stack of old calendars.  That old paper is so nice to work with acrylics and other media.  It’s just yummy.  I am working with CaranD’Ache (water-soluble pastels) for the first time as well as woody Stabilo (watercolor pencils).






Part journal with my thoughts, part paint.



Flowers, birds owls – always show up.



After – Learning to let go and paint over an existing painting, has been good.



A cherished gift from a friend, just when my soul needed a friend.



I just polished off a bowl of honey lime chicken enchiladas for breakfast with a generous dollop of sour cream – uh lip smacking good.  Recipe here.



It’s my birth month in February and it’s a big one, so I’m celebrating big.  Doing things I’ve been too scared to do before. Leaping off the cliff and swimming in sunshine, even if there is none.  I’ll be eating the chocolate cake for breakfast (and enchiladas) and dancing like no one is watching. I will buy myself the flowers and burn the special candles. I’m going to wear my joy out loud and share my sadness too, for it is forever a part of me.

I am having a ridiculously big sale in my Etsy shop, yes I am so that I may share the joy with you.  Happy great big 60 years young birth let’s make this a party.

What have you been doing this past month?  Have you cooked anything good?  Are you creating something new?  Are you cliff jumping too?

Happy joy-filled day to you.   Goodbye January – hello February!

Peace Y’all









12 thoughts on “bits of January a new space and letting go

  1. pennross says:

    I love your painting style – it’s free, fun and colorful! You’re going to be a great cliff jumper!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sweet Penny – I try to keep my work light and lighthearted – oh and yes always the color. Thank you for your encouragement, I know you too are doing the cliff jumping. Hugs! Kim

      Liked by 1 person

  2. barbaratechel says:

    I don’t think my comment went through the first time as I wasn’t logged in. At any rate, I love your new space – so cozy and happy! And Happy Birthday to you in February! I’ll be joining you in the celebrating 60 when I celebrate in July! Have fun!!


    1. Hey Barb – WordPress sometimes can be a bit frustrating – with the login, but thanks for taking time. I am happy with the direction that space is going and it feels like it is what I needed. Happy Birthday to you too! Let’s celebrate all year long. I will be purchasing your oracle cards for my birthday gift to me, when they come out – can’t wait. Happy everything! Hugs


      1. awe, I’m so happy to know you are interested in my animal oracle deck! I’m excited to get it out there in the world in spring!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I just bet you are, that’s huge and I am so happy for you.


  3. Judith says:

    Kim, you have such a gift for writing these posts and seeing the world with an artist’s eye. The images are so beautiful. So you are a February Birthday Girl! What’s the actual date if you’re ok with sharing. Warm hugs to you, sweet friend. Keep shining!! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, as always your kindness, thoughtful words delight my heart. Thank you for coming to this space. Oh I am a 9! Bwa ha ha February 9th is the date! Big hugs to you


  4. Debbie says:

    So good to receive this post… love your new space and just visited your shop : ) My daughter is being married in April and she adores/raises monarchs, also a wedding theme, hence the selection of mixed media and orange butterfly.. your art is so endearing, Kim…she will love knowing there is a hidden part of a love letter –she is marrying her first love from ten years ago, they reunited and like a fairy tale, they knew they were meant to be forever. Keep posting, I have missed hearing your voice…xo Debbie


    1. Oh Debbie, I am so delighted about your daughters up coming nuptials. I’ve dreamed of someday raising monarchs, perhaps she would be willing to mentor me. Thank you so much for your purchases, it is comforting to know they are going to the right place. Thank you for always being so supportive over the years and during my ups and downs. Hugs


  5. Linda Schaub says:

    I’m a little late here (again) … Kim, whatever sadness you are feeling or dragging around with a heavy heart, it sure is not conveyed in your art work. I like the idea of the old calendars and using the watercolor pencils to create designs on them … very cool owls. You look comfy and cozy in your jammies with That Cat … take it slow and easy now because before you know it, your garden will be taking you away from your studio. Take care.


  6. Cornelia says:

    I am just getting back into blogging. Lots of self-sabotage and loss for me too last year. This post was was what I needed to read. We know what we want and even though we know change is good for us it sometimes takes so long to actually implement change. Old habits are just easier. But I guess too we need to be kind to ourselves. I think that we often don’t realize changing our old habits, while it can be hard, is really an act of kindness 😊


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