A pile of Rubbish


Bohemian Style – artistically repurposed & wildly free



In days past, it often happened that country folk disposed of their household rubbish on their own property.

Previous owners of Red Dirt Farm were no exception.

It must be kismet – this photo is of a family member – on my Mom’s side.  I don’t know who she is, but I find it rather amusing, and I guess she did too.


Upon our taking over as stewards of this property I found mass quantities of glassware, metal, and other common household debris buried in various locations on the back portion of our property.  These piles of rubbish were deposited from 1930’s until we purchased the property in 1992.

It has been my intention since discovering the piles of trash to repurpose as much as possible.

  I would like to leave this land cleaner than I found it.

I love a good treasure hunt, and for whatever reason, digging through years of discard is fun and exciting, I never know what I will dig up.

I’ve logged a lot of years digging up bottles, cleaning them and getting them ready for their new life.

Now, these bottles have been decoupaged with various vintage images.

The bottles have discoloration, clouding, chips, or other signs of their age.

They are not perfect.  They are perfect for sweet little flowers.  As votives, they are particularly beautiful, or to hold special objects of interest.

They are also awesome in a grouping.
















Twenty-Five years ago, I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could reuse these old bottles to sell bouquets of farm flowers.

This is the year it is happening.

These bottles are available at Red Dirt Farm Stand.

Best, Kim