farmhouse kitchen gets a (small) remodel and Rustic Lasagna

An earthquake, which is not typical for our area, rocked our little house a few years ago, weakening our cabinet structure and cracking walls.  Our old roof was leaking and water had seeped into the drywall, causing it to buckle and peel.  The worst part was mold was growing.  Last year when our beautiful new red roof was put on, we realized that the section that was added to the house sometime in the 1960’s really didn’t provide sufficient structure to support the weight of the upper cabinets and all the glassware for the addition that we added 19 years ago.   The cabinets were shifting and we were growing more and more concerned. Continue reading

white magic and a brown cow in the pantry

It happened in the butler’s pantry.

 A hall-way space, and once upon a time when our house was first built, it was the kitchen.

Now a brown cow supervises my every move.

On a snowy day, I faced down that cow and got to making. Continue reading

angel with the broken wing

 I find eggs in unexpected places when the girls mischievously lay them outside their nesting box.

Sometimes I put them in my pocket.

Sometimes I forget that I put that egg in my pocket.

Sometimes I get a drippy gooey surprise.

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August 2017 just hasn’t been a very nice month.  Seems a lot of folks have the same feeling and that maybe we can all breathe a little better now that we have put this mean month to bed.

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Love cookies and a great big cock-a-doodle-do

Tuesday it was all about cookies love.


I baked a batch of chocolate chip love cookies for Valentine’s Day.


While the cookies were baking, the cat, the dog, and the chicken slept peacefully.


But the minute the cookies were done baking – Winter popped up and said are they ready?


Chocolate Chip Pecan Love Cookies recipe here.

Love is in the air.

Daisy and Winter continue to make my heart full with their antics and their amazing love bond.


Winter is now 10 weeks old and continues to go into the nesting box with Daisy each morning when Daisy lays her egg.  She waits patiently for Daisy to finish her task and then they are off to forage and do chicken things.

He’s baaack.


Stanley Roo of nine lives – he is permanently bent over and walks crooked.  He is missing a bunch of feathers and looks rather pathetic when you see him in person. He has survived so many fox, snake and dog attacks.  This recent incident left me feeling his time was near, and I had planned his funeral.  He hadn’t been able to crow or perform his rooster duties for quite some time. He was lethargic and no longer watched over his girls, it seemed this was going to be the end of him.

Then a miracle occurred.

Early one morning while it was still dark out, we heard this sad pathetic muted, garbled cock-a-doodle-do.  Then a little while later we heard it again.

And then again.

Stanley Roo was crowing again!

And then.

He was loving the girls again, too.

Each evening now, as all the chickens make their way to the coop for the night, Stanley wobbles and staggers in, completely exhausted from a day of loving.  But he seems quite content.


Stanley Roo watching over his flock.

Maybe he had some of those love cookies too.

Thank you for being here today.

xo Kim

Let them eat cake

Happy Feel Good Friday Y’all.

Did you know that today is National Pound Cake Day?

Who decides these things?  I started the day off by giving the coop girls some cherry and apple pastry, I told them to pretend it was pound cake. Continue reading

fermenting with spiders

I held my breath as I reached back into the furthest, darkest most spider web encrusted box at the back of the barn.

 I wondered to myself  – am I going to pull out a snake-like I did a few years ago?  Yeah I’ll admit when that happened I let out a big girly scream threw the box down and took off running.

Fortunately this adventure into the unknown dark crevices only yielded, dead spiders, crusty dirt and a few unknown dark spots.

My mission was to retrieve some of my wide mouth canning jars that have been stored away forever and a day.

canning jars 3

Sweet potato farmer came a-calling the other day with a jumbo head of cabbage and I was on a mission to make sauerkraut.


The spidery jars are the real deal yeah they are real spiders, but what I mean is that they are vintage jars.

How can anything so simple make me smile so much?

canning jars 1

A bath in soap and bleach for sure.

canning jars 2

I found easy instructions for making sauerkraut in a canning jar here.


I think the cabbage looks like giant mushrooms.


All sliced and ready to stuff in jars.  Below, I added dried beans to pint-sized jars to weigh the cabbage down.

cab with beans

I’m hoping in the future to do so more fermenting.  I also entered to win a giveaway for a fermentool, there is still time to enter if  you are interested, go  here.

Meanwhile this weekend, as a Nor’Easter blew in, the Cottage men and friend worked on battening down the hatches on the ole rooster barn.

The rooster weather vane was a house-warming present and has been presiding over the barn for almost 23 years.

rooster wv

barn 6

Thank goodness we only had rain and none of that white stuff.  The guys got this side and the back covered in tar-paper before the rain chased them in.

barn 1

barn 2

The wind howled and the leaves swirled.

barn 3

barn 4

barn 5

We lost power during the night, and I was wishing our generator wasn’t on the fritz.  I’m sure we are going to be needing it before long.

 Pouff! No sooner did I type those words and hit the publish button – the power went out and the internet down.  So a few hours later, we are back up running again.

We took that opportunity to go out and hang some of our vintage petroleum collection that has been scattered around and stuck in storage for way too long.

barn signs

Have a good week y’all.

See you later, Bye!


orchard trip

Recently Mr. Cottage and I set out on a mission to get some fresh peaches.

First Stop was Fruit Hill Orchard which is just a few miles away from home.


This spring, Fruit Hill orchard built a new barn to house their store.

 Each day I would drive by and take in the progress.  It was so enjoyable to watch the progress and know that these people were fulfilling a dream.

I was looking forward to checking out the finished result.


grab and go





coke sign


fruit bins

They also sell vegetables, herbs and baked goods as well as jams and jelly.

outside bins

red wagon

rain bar

After we left, I realized I never took a photo of the building itself.  Geez, I must have been sniffing too many peaches!

Next stop was Carter Mountain Orchard, high atop the mountain.  Views in every direction of rolling hills, vineyards and apples and peaches.




apple branch


ginger gold


Awesome eye candy on this trip!

We brought home a big box of the best peaches.

Here are two recipes that rock those peaches and use basil which is quite plentiful in our garden at this time.

Peach, green bean and pickled onion salad.

Basil peach salsa.

See you later, Bye!


fish eye view poultry in the pan

Last week was a wet one.

Raging storms descended upon us every afternoon and evening and into the night.  The week before we had a breach in the lining of our koi pond.  We were thankful for all the rain, as it helped fill the pond back up. Continue reading