lucky – a bittersweet goodbye

This is the post that I had planned to share today.

We loaded up the car with our precious cargo and headed out.

Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary was our destination.

After 8 weeks of caring for our little Wood duck, we named Lucky the time had come to move him to a facility that could prepare him for the next big adventure – life in the wild.  Coming to the place in my heart of accepting that it would be best for Lucky to live in the wild with other wood ducks was easy and very hard and it hurt.  Knowing in my head and having my heart accept it just made me sad.

From the beginning we agreed, that as soon as Lucky learned to fly, he would be able to be on his.  The last two weeks he was with us, he entertained us with his flying lessons.  Short low flights in the beginning and towards the end of his time with us ceiling height flights around the living room, through the front hall back into the kitchen and the back hall.  He had grown quite skillful and learned how to duck the lights, the kitchen cabinets, and other objects in his path.  It was time for him to be outdoors.

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Family, Farm and Food

 How did you celebrate Independence Day?

We had a nice day with family and good food.  Father Cottage surprised us making his first ever blueberry pie.  He still impresses me with his gusto for life and willingness to try new experiences.

Did I tell y’all that he traveled to Norway last month?  That’s the way to rock 85 years young.



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I eat too many potatoes, that is why my rear end is the size of Texas.  Yesterday while I was in the grocery store the clouds parted, a stream of brilliant light shone down and angels began to sing.  There – right there –  in front of me was a bin of colossal football sized potatoes, stocked full with a large sign advertising the enormity of such potato bliss.   Oh my goodness, I had gone to potato heaven.  I stood there just staring, apparently losing all sense of time and place as I finally snapped to it when I heard a woman say in a frustrated voice  “EXCUSE ME – You’re blocking the potatoes.”

Seriously, I wanted to fill my cart with said colossal football potatoes and make a u-turn straight to the butter isle.

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