Food for thought and a dishwasher too

Food and dirty dishes.

Cooking, eating, growing my own herbs these passions collide into a beautiful thing.

When there is a dishwasher in the house.


Chicken with basil cream sauce

We have been without a dishwasher for almost a year.  It was broken beyond repair, and the funds weren’t there to replace it and or there were other financial priorities.  Truly, I tried all kinds of things to make hand washing dishes a more enjoyable experience, but I just wasn’t into it.  A shiny new dishwasher arrived last week, and in the Department of irony – a few days later the faucet at the kitchen sink broke. Continue reading

Fireflies, happy dog dance and one duck in the living room




Here at Red Dirt Farm, Magnolia blooms and sweet honeysuckle are perfuming the humid air.  Fireflies are lighting the night skies.  It is as one expects it to be this time of year.  Although, the Magnolia blooms aren’t as heavy as normal, perhaps because of a late frost.  Once again, our routine, which is never a completely normal routine has been turned on its side by the arrival of an unexpected little package. Continue reading

under the magic blanket


These seed packets jumped into my shopping cart the other day.  I’ve been reading the seed catalogs and dreaming about what I will plant in the garden this year.  Ah spring, I’m looking forward to welcoming you.

Right now, though, it is very cold out and we are under a blanket of snow.  Our pipes are frozen and it is a wee bit cold in the house.

Don’t you agree that there is something so special about the first snow of the season?  We had ours on Saturday.  Everything is covered in a sparkly blanket,  surely magic is responsible for all that glitter.  Right?

In chicken land – ain’t nobody happy.


There was a chicken convention inside the covered run.


Sweet Pea stood high up on the ledge speaking to the audience.  She declared that snow should be outlawed.


They all agreed.

The other girls inside the hen-house said they were not under any circumstances going out in that white stuff.  It was way too scary!


Boo went inside and mingled with the girls for a bit.




I’ve been concerned for my feathered friends, these temperatures are so low.  This morning I made warm oatmeal with apples, blueberries, tomatoes a bit of left-over pasta and yogurt.  It warms their crops and that is a good thing.

The peas came out of their house for a little while.



Papaya came out first and then, Mango and eventually Coconut.  They loved the sun shining on their bodies.  Hated the snow on their feet.




They did a stroll around the house, checked on all the hens and then headed back to their house for warmth.

Boo and I took a short walk, he wanted to smell all the footprints he came across and roll endlessly in the snow, making dog angels.  I wanted to take a few photos.  But that didn’t last too long, my feet were freezing.  So I snapped a few and headed back in to the warmth.




Bear prints

I thought our Virginia Black Bears hibernate all winter, I recently heard in a news article, that in fact, they do not.  Especially the young.


Deer tracks

There were surprisingly few wildlife tracks in the snow.  Even they say it is too cold to be out.


This fancy store-bought birdhouse was given to me. The side panel opens to plexiglass so you can view the birds inside.  Never a bird has lived in it.  Wasp, however, believe it is grand.


This house and all the others that Father Cottage has built are always occupied.


This house sitting on the picnic bench was placed there temporarily until I figured out where I wanted it.  It sat there all summer, and it too remained occupied.  So I left it there.





Sunday supper we filled our bellies with warm beans and country ham, that had simmered in the crock pot all day.  I made jalapeno cornbread that was a disappointment, the peppers didn’t have much heat, nonetheless, they were gobbled up and enjoyed.

That was our weekend, under a blanket of magic.

I hope your weekend was lovely.

Thank you for being here today.

xo kim

a few broken bones gangsters in my family

I meant to keep in touch a little better, but life has been happening.  I’m trying to adjust to it getting dark so early and cooler temperatures.  We are supposed to get hit with an arctic blast in the next few days.  Ick.

I took a bad fall the week before Thanksgiving and I broke some body parts.  It is never a good time to have something like that happen, but there is so much to do this time of the year – who has time to slow down?  This latest fall has prompted my neurologist to classify me as a high risk fall patient, which I have no idea what that means other than officially calling me a klutz.

Chicken wine and I have become friends – but only when I am stationary.


I’ve done a little holiday decorating.  Most of my decorations are up in the attic and that is a no go for sure.  So I’ll embrace the less is more look this year.


Before I took the nose dive I had decided to have an artist holiday open house.  I haven’t sold my art in a very long time and I thought I was ready.


I made a few new pairs of earrings like these and these.



I made these mixed media necklaces a bit ago, the earrings I just made.


It was fun to do some creative work.

I took photos with my cell phone of old photographs that Father Cottage has of my mother’s family.

This was my Grandmother her name was Edith Ivy.  I never knew her.  I used the photo to display a few of my other mixed media necklaces.


I was really inspired by this photo of my Grandparents.  I think they look like gangsters.


 I came up with the idea of using these old photos to create a display for the open house, with the theme Speakeasy.  I had a blast putting this together.


My fused glass work was put out on display too.


Bright colorful bohemian style fused glass earrings.


Dishes, wine bottle stoppers, napkin holders picture frames all brightly colored.


Just a bit of what I have out for the open house.  If you are in the area, stop by 10-5 Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 10th & 11th.

Other happenings here at Our Cottage – we took on two rescue chickens about a month ago.  In their previous life, they lived in a coop without access to fresh air or grass. Their owner no longer wanted them, because they were not producing eggs.  After a few weeks in quarantine, they are now mingling with the rest of the flock and are loving their new life being free rangers.  AND they are laying eggs for me.

Say hello to Sweet Tea and Biscuit.


Sweet Tea is very timid, but learning to love being held.  Biscuit is very bossy and wants to challenge all the other girls.


Also in chicken land, Miss Daisy has been on the nest for 21 days today.  Hoping to hear some pipping today, but none so far.  Keeping my fingers crossed that at least a few of the eggs were fertile.


Well, I guess that wraps things up on my end for now.  I hope you all are well and enjoying this season of festivities.

Thank you for being here today.

xo, kim

P.S. Our Cottage at Red Dirt Farm is the new blog name.  Or at least we are trying it on for now.  What do you think?

You Hoo it’s me

I’ve been off-line and out of touch and away.

All summer there has been a whirlwind of activity here at the cottage.  The cottage renovation is still an ongoing process and will be for some time.  The exterior work is complete for the most part.  Our Cottage received her new paint colors – green, blue and white trim.  Quite a new look and if you will notice although I haven’t come up with an official new name to our place and this blog, quite obviously it is no longer Coral Cottage, for now, let’s just call her Our Cottage.


Seems all the gang thinks hanging out on the front porch admiring the new paint job is what it is all about.


The green siding really changes as the light changes throughout the day.  For the most part, I am really happy with it.  The one thing I didn’t want was yellow, and much to my surprise the yellow tone to the green shows prominently.


I’m so happy to find the cosmos and a few zinnias still blooming though we are into November and have had several light frosts.


I’m happily gathering buckets of flowers and making lovely arrangements, with the help of my assistants of course.


The bees and butterflies are enjoying the last of the season too.


Our Cottage family has been tested many times this past year with seemingly endless health challenges.  Recently we held our breath as Mr. Cottage has had a cancer scare.  After several tests, procedures, biopsies and earlier this week, surgery.  I am happy to say he is recovering quite well.  His doctor removed a tumor which he says he feels quite certain is benign and that we should not lose any more sleep.  I feel a tremendous sense of relief, but still holding just a wee bit of breath until the pathology report comes back.

And so, life goes on and we are trying to get back into the swing of normal – whatever that is.

Hoping you all are facing your personal challenges; whatever they may be with an open heart.

I hope to get back to posting more regularly and I look forward to visiting with my on-line friends again  and hearing what you all have been up to.

Thank you for being here today.


xo kim

Welcome to all new readers, I hope you will join the conversation and say hello from time to time.