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white magic and a brown cow in the pantry

It happened in the butler’s pantry.

 A hall-way space, and once upon a time when our house was first built, it was the kitchen.

Now a brown cow supervises my every move.

On a snowy day, I faced down that cow and got to making. Continue reading “white magic and a brown cow in the pantry”

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box full of vintage treasure

I went up in the attic, out to the garage and into the far depths of my studio and pulled out boxes of dusty, crusty moth-eaten, beautiful stuff.



How was your week? Continue reading “box full of vintage treasure”

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qypsy queen

The sun came out and warmed all the raindrops still clinging to every object as far as the eye could see.

I headed out with my camera to soak in the sun and to find something interesting  to capture with the lens.

As I passed by my studio I wondered what surprises I might find inside.  My art creations have been packed away for several years now.  My studio has been locked tight.  Boxes  are piled high with paths barely wide enough for me to squeeze through.

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and a firetruck on the side please

vintage seed catalog blogianos

Is it too soon to start dreaming of a spring garden?

Or of seed catalogs and their incredible photography and lovely words casting a spell around a persons green thumb dreams?

I’ve got the fever for sure.  However, I don’t have any new seed catalogs.

So, thanks to  Pinterest and one of my boards, I’m enjoying the awesome graphics from these vintage catalogs.

vintage seed catalog 1894

Sweet Peas are one of my favorites, but I just can’t seem to grow them.

vintage seed catalog 1896

vintage burbee seeds 1884

On my some day list – I  have a fantasy of having a roadside stand at the edge of our property where I sell fresh eggs and flowers.

vintage seed catalog sunflower poultry

Sunflower and Poultry seed farm – this one is for me!

In my fantasy stand, the eggs would come from the chickens I don’t have, but will someday.

 Are y’all tired of hearing me talk about the chickens I don’t have?

Fresh flower bouquets anchored with oodles of sunny bright sunflowers.

I’ve asked Mr. Cottage to keep an eye out for an old tractor, or truck that I could convert into a road-side farm stand.

Or maybe an old fire truck like this.  Oh wouldn’t that be cool?

vintage firetruck

I absolutely fell head-over heels in love with Andrea Fowler and her mother farm girl Dori Troutman’s stand.

They have a sweet little blog just about their farm stand business.


farmfresh stand

Ahh a girl can dream can’t she.

We have a light dusting of snow and ice on the ground today – guess that has me dreaming of warm weather activities.

How about you – what do you plan to grow in your garden this spring?

signature feather

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fermenting with spiders

I held my breath as I reached back into the furthest, darkest most spider web encrusted box at the back of the barn.

 I wondered to myself  – am I going to pull out a snake-like I did a few years ago?  Yeah I’ll admit when that happened I let out a big girly scream threw the box down and took off running.

Fortunately this adventure into the unknown dark crevices only yielded, dead spiders, crusty dirt and a few unknown dark spots.

My mission was to retrieve some of my wide mouth canning jars that have been stored away forever and a day.

canning jars 3

Sweet potato farmer came a-calling the other day with a jumbo head of cabbage and I was on a mission to make sauerkraut.


The spidery jars are the real deal yeah they are real spiders, but what I mean is that they are vintage jars.

How can anything so simple make me smile so much?

canning jars 1

A bath in soap and bleach for sure.

canning jars 2

I found easy instructions for making sauerkraut in a canning jar here.


I think the cabbage looks like giant mushrooms.


All sliced and ready to stuff in jars.  Below, I added dried beans to pint-sized jars to weigh the cabbage down.

cab with beans

I’m hoping in the future to do so more fermenting.  I also entered to win a giveaway for a fermentool, there is still time to enter if  you are interested, go  here.

Meanwhile this weekend, as a Nor’Easter blew in, the Cottage men and friend worked on battening down the hatches on the ole rooster barn.

The rooster weather vane was a house-warming present and has been presiding over the barn for almost 23 years.

rooster wv

barn 6

Thank goodness we only had rain and none of that white stuff.  The guys got this side and the back covered in tar-paper before the rain chased them in.

barn 1

barn 2

The wind howled and the leaves swirled.

barn 3

barn 4

barn 5

We lost power during the night, and I was wishing our generator wasn’t on the fritz.  I’m sure we are going to be needing it before long.

 Pouff! No sooner did I type those words and hit the publish button – the power went out and the internet down.  So a few hours later, we are back up running again.

We took that opportunity to go out and hang some of our vintage petroleum collection that has been scattered around and stuck in storage for way too long.

barn signs

Have a good week y’all.

See you later, Bye!


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repurposed in the garden

Sandwiched between somewhat sunny days and snow days; my garden fantasies have run rampant.


Mr. Cottage and I shopped for garden supplies and treated ourselves to soft serve ice-cream over the weekend.

Tuesday it snowed.  Again.

Maybe we pulled the trigger on these too soon.  They have been covered with protective plastic since we purchased them.  The harsh winter has killed many of our plants, so we are starting over.

Especially hard to take was the loss of my beloved rosemary it was every bit of 6 feet by 4 feet.  We lost the smaller bushes as well.  The thyme looks to be a loss, but I won’t call it yet.

Creeping phlox on the back of the Koi Pond and down the front bank, mostly gone.

I’ve wanted to go to a large-scale container gardening system for a while.  I would love to use galvanized animal stock containers.  They are however, quite a bit expensive, so they are out of the budget at this time.  I have a lot of old galvanized buckets, wash tubs and sap buckets.  A few chicken feeders too; that I’ve used over the years in my gardens.  This year I hope to step it up a notch.

One of our chicken feeders from last year.


Some inspiration from pins on my In the Garden board at Pinterest.

I purchased a few replacement herbs over the weekend.  Rosemary rests in a sap bucket I purchased many years ago on a trip up to New England.  The sign I made using my plasma torch and re-cycled duct work.  Parsley in an old rusty funnel.

I have these hanging on the side of the house outside the kitchen door, where I can easily bring them in at night; until it stays warm enough to keep out.



Asian Cabbage in an old tub.


Snapdragons wrapped in snow.


I’ll have to put a hold on working outside for a bit, until the latest snow melts.

Do you use old containers in a repurposed way in your garden?

See you later, Bye!


P.S. There has been a bit of debate as to whether galvanized material is safe to plant your food in.  From what I have read – the concern is if it leaches zinc.  My understanding is that Zinc is a mineral that we all need and the quantity mostly like absorbed by the planted material would not be harmful.  Zinc is not a poison.  Cold tables (which I do not personally use) are made of zinc – just sayin.  So if you are concerned about using this material don’t.

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fly strong


I’ve been waiting for my new year, one word mantra to come to me.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to receive it.  However, as I sat talking with my doctor last week, it hit me.

Strength. Strong.

1. The state, property, or quality of being strong.
2. The power to resist attack; impregnability.
3. The power to resist strain or stress; durability.
4. The ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly.
5. Capacity or potential for effective action: a show of strength.

I want the whole package, Body, Mind and Soul.

My doctor says that my entire body has become unconditioned. That is a polite way of saying I am fat and out of shape.

 I will be starting physical therapy again very soon, and then on to an exercise program.  I am so looking forward to this.

Not because I am an exercise nut, no ugh I hate to exercise, but my body wants to be healthy.

My desire for myself is to become physically stronger, and for my creative endeavors to be reflective of this too.

I want to convey a sense of strength and fortitude,  and the hope of what is possible, even when I create a gentle humble object.

Strength, strong and assured.  On that note, a peak at a new design I have completed and added to my shop.  I hope that it expresses the strength that is found in delicate beauty.

I have sewn vintage seam binding and new vibrant blue burlap together to form a background for the vintage image of a Lazuli Bunting.  Remember those cigarette cards I scored the other week?  I’ve transferred them to fabric.

I’ll apologize for the poor quality photos, it is dark and dreary today.


A twig, a wire nest with eggs and a feather for accent.


I have spring on my mind – can you tell?

See you later,