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box full of vintage treasure

I went up in the attic, out to the garage and into the far depths of my studio and pulled out boxes of dusty, crusty moth-eaten, beautiful stuff.



How was your week? Continue reading “box full of vintage treasure”

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qypsy queen

The sun came out and warmed all the raindrops still clinging to every object as far as the eye could see. I headed out with my camera to soak in the sun and to find something interesting  to capture with the lens. As I passed by my studio I wondered what surprises I might find… Continue reading qypsy queen

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and a firetruck on the side please

Is it too soon to start dreaming of a spring garden? Or of seed catalogs and their incredible photography and lovely words casting a spell around a persons green thumb dreams? I’ve got the fever for sure.  However, I don’t have any new seed catalogs. So, thanks to  Pinterest and one of my boards, I’m… Continue reading and a firetruck on the side please

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fermenting with spiders

I held my breath as I reached back into the furthest, darkest most spider web encrusted box at the back of the barn.  I wondered to myself  – am I going to pull out a snake-like I did a few years ago?  Yeah I’ll admit when that happened I let out a big girly scream… Continue reading fermenting with spiders

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repurposed in the garden

Sandwiched between somewhat sunny days and snow days; my garden fantasies have run rampant. Mr. Cottage and I shopped for garden supplies and treated ourselves to soft serve ice-cream over the weekend. Tuesday it snowed.  Again. Maybe we pulled the trigger on these too soon.  They have been covered with protective plastic since we purchased them.… Continue reading repurposed in the garden

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fly strong

I’ve been waiting for my new year, one word mantra to come to me.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to receive it.  However, as I sat talking with my doctor last week, it hit me. Strength. Strong. 1. The state, property, or quality of being strong. 2. The power to resist attack; impregnability. 3. The power… Continue reading fly strong