Red Dirt Farm and Studio

Sharing kindness and joy through flowers and art

In chicken land, we have 70+ chickens and that number changes as new chicks are hatched and others pass away.  I was trying to focus on having heritage breeds, but we are producing barnyard mixes because I let my flock free-range, and what happens between the rooster and the hens is their business.  We have white, brown, blue and green laying chickens.  Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, ISA Brown, Cream Legbars, Easter Eggers, Delawares, New Hampshires and Black Alstralorps a few White Leghorns have been added as well as Polish chicks.   We currently have 2 roosters, Rooster Cogburn and Rooster Greyball.  Our roosters are non-aggressive to humans and each other, which is extremely important for keeping harmony.

The Peafowl

We have two peacocks and one peahen.  Mango is the hen and Coconut and Papaya are the cocks.  In June of 2015, my girlfriend, aka Farmgirl, lovingly put aside eggs from her peahen and hatched them for me, so that I could have a few of my own.  We raised these babies from a week old. They are a hoot!  It takes up to two years for them to reach maturity and for the males to grow the long beautiful tail feathers that they are known for.

Best, Kim



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