Farm Stand

We are a small hobby chicken and flower farm.

We sell free range eggs and fresh-cut flowers.

Seasonal specials include produce and fruit, herbs and vegetable plants.

Homemade jams & jellies, salsa and pesto is also available.

We also specialize in hot pepper jellies and hot gourmet spreads.  Heat – with good flavor.

Freshly baked bread and other goods during cooler months.

​Coming in 2019 – Farm made Candles and Soap


There is a separate driveway entrance to the stand, look for the big Rooster!  The stand is the white tent.

  Someday it is our goal to build a more permanent structure.

Brown, blue, green and pink and white eggs from free range hens that are cared for naturally.

 No yucky stuff here.

Brush off the poop and crack open a good egg!

We believe that chickens that get to free-range as they please, enjoying fresh air and sunshine produce the best eggs and we want to share them with you.

Please help spread the word – we would appreciate the extra support!

Like our Facebook page for updates and to know what is fresh each week at the stand.

Street Address is on the Facebook page.

Red Dirt Farm Stand

Occasionally handmade items from Kim, fused Glass, mixed media assemblage.  Items made from repurposed and recycled objects.

Jewelry, suncatchers, dishes, wall art will be available.

Formerly known as Cottage Road-side Stand.

3 thoughts on “Farm Stand

  1. Hi Kim! I love your blog and your Farm stand is wonderful! You sell such lovely bouquets of flowers! I’ve signed up to follow so I shall enjoy talking flowers with you.
    – Kate xx


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