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Scenes from our Hen House

The big hen-house is an old building dating back to around the 1930’s.  I believe at one time it may have been used to house chickens.  When we purchased our home, this building was used by the previous owner as storage and it housed a refrigerator and deep freezer, lots of canning supplies and canned goods.  We continued to use it for storage for many years, but in the back of my mind, I always thought it would be a great hen-house.

The building is now used for laying eggs, there is an opening that goes down into the run and roosting area.

I’ve covered the walls with old sheet music and a Waverly wallpaper with chickens.  Decorations include an old cuckoo clock, silver platter and china plates.  A gilded mirror for the girls to primp in makes me smile.  An orange baby crib my dad made for me when I was a little girl for my dolls, it is now a favorite spot to lay eggs.  Vintage curtains in the window and fresh flowers and herbs for the girls to enjoy.  It is a sweet little spot, many years in the making.  It was my dream for almost thirty years to turn this building into a hen-house, I’m so happy this dream came true.


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