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A brilliant sky, pink with swirls of blue and purple if only for a moment, long enough for me to take just a few photos and then it was gone.   That’s how the morning started yesterday.  Sleet and freezing rain with just a bit of snow fell briefly.

I find time to write now because even though it seems a long way off, warmer temperatures will bring busier times for me here on the farm.

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Are you too experiencing these crazy mild temperatures?  I can not lie, I am doing a happy dance.  There was winter weather this week in the surrounding counties and even parts of ours, but it circled around our little piece of red dirt, and left us with cold rain and just a few flakes.  Today it was so warm I potted up a few pansies I had purchased months ago.  I planted several of them in the urns on the front porch when I got them and there were a few packets leftover I have been meaning to do something with, today was such a perfectly mild day to toil in some soil.

This whole full moon and eclipse events in the sky above has had me unable to sleep.  When I do sleep I have vivid dreams that leave me feeling shaken.  If you are a follower of astrology you then know, there is much happening right now.  I’m quite sensitive to these things.  How about you?

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Well hello, 2020 – are y’all ready for the new roaring ’20s?

We didn’t roar, we quietly ushered in the new decade, Mr. Red Dirt and I.  We worked together to create a lovely, not so little dinner for the two of us which consisted of steak, lobster, shrimp, baked potato and salad.  The fancy dishware from a friend which is used once a year was brought out and decorated our humble farm table. I guess I should be ashamed to admit I didn’t even polish the silver.  We ate by candle and twinkle light and That Cat sat on the table and Boo dog at my feet, supervising it all. So busy was I eating all the fabulous food, not a photo was taken.

Some time ago, we went out with a group of friends to an Indian restaurant in the big city, where we had this delicious drink called a snake charmer, which is fresh lime, muddled fresh ginger, simple syrup, and tequila.  I made my version for us, it was delightful also, although a bit different since I had lemon, not lime.  In keeping with our usual non-party going selves, we were in bed long before midnight.

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I had this dream last night, I was traveling around the world seeing beautiful amazing places.  I was quite moved by everything I was experiencing and wanted to take photos, I kept pressing the button but my camera wouldn’t respond.

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I had come across his path several times recently, on my way to the farm stand or the vegetable garden.

On this particular occasion, our eyes locked and we each stood our ground.  Finally, I asked him what his name is and he replied “Noble.”  I had no reason not to believe this was truth. Continue reading

We stood still – eyes locked, playing the game of who will blink first.

The bear and I.

I was closing up the chicken coops the other night when I looked up and there she was – Mrs. Bear in all her growly big self.

I can tell you, I blinked first.  I wanted to run screaming like a school girl.  But instead, I calmly called for Boo dog to come and get in the house.

I recalled all the bear education literature I had read when we went to Yellow Stone National Park, some years ago.  Don’t run was the first rule.  They will outrun you in a heartbeat.

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A light drizzle is surrounding me as I wander through the gardens cutting flowers to put in the farmstand.  It is sunrise, only the sun isn’t shining.  The humidity seems high and the gnats are horrible and the mosquitoes are biting.  I’m hot and my body heat is steaming up my glasses so that I can’t see. I couldn’t be happier.  Birds are busily going about their morning routines, the chickens are still in the coops, protesting loudly that they want out.   A large red-tailed hawk swooped down behind the big hen house and went after a nest of Robins.   The tranquil bliss was brought to an end.  The hawk has been hanging around here for about a week.  Most disturbing to our little piece of paradise.

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