Happy Birthday Winter and a farmhouse renovation update Dec. 2017

Snow is falling.

I cooked a feast as though I was expecting an army.   Mr. Cottage carved the turkey, we gathered our little family together, we gave thanks and ate until our bellies could hold no more. Continue reading

box full of vintage treasure

I went up in the attic, out to the garage and into the far depths of my studio and pulled out boxes of dusty, crusty moth-eaten, beautiful stuff.



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enough – adjective: equal to what is needed

Some time last year, as I often do; I placed several boxes of items, including a few containing Christmas decorations at the end of my driveway with a free sign attached. Normally in a few days the items have all been taken.

To my dismay the boxes of Christmas decorations remained.

The takers must have thought them too awful to have, even for free.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I love this time of the year.

Normally I go all out with the decorations – not in the way of cars driving by and slowing down to look way.  But I have a large collection of vintage ornaments and decorations that have great meaning to me.  I don’t do trendy, matchy matchy, everything is perfect kind of decorating.  I use items that mean something to me and bring happy memories to me.

Our Christmas tree is up.  That makes me very happy.

It doesn’t look like our normal tree.  I’ve had to make so many adjustments this year to accommodate my health issues.  But you know what, I’m okay with it.

This year, the contents of those ” free” boxes and few other items that I could easily reach are the decorations that I am embracing this year.

 I haven’t used anything other than white lights for at least 15 years but colored lights are what I had easy access to and then there are what I call the  fuzzy ornaments.

1-IMG_7506 1-IMG_7513


Fuzzy ornaments that are falling apart

Fuzzy ornaments that are falling apart – o r I should say the fuzzy stuff is letting it all hang out.


This vintage Santa makes me smile.

I had one box of decorations stored in a closet that have been in there for at least 10 years.  A box lot of Christmas decorations  purchased at auction, that I had never even gone through.

Going through that box was like having presents to open, because I sure didn’t know what I was going to find.  I found it to be most enjoyable.

Some of the contents I loved and some of it, well let’s just say I’m embracing a new look this year.

I came across this quote some time recently.  It seems so perfect for me at this time and place in my life and as I look forward to new beginnings and yes change that I have found hard to embrace at times.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more.  It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. – Melody Beattie

I hope that you find that you too, have enough.

See you later, bye!