St James City and Galt Preserve

Maybe it is because it has been cold here recently.

Maybe I just want to remember what it feels like to have warm sun on my bare skin and brightly colored flowers blooming.

 Maybe it is because my screen saver popped up a few of these photos and I just felt like sharing them with you.

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Corkscrew Swamp

Corkscrew Swamp isn’t a swamp for all the cork from my wine drinking.


Mr. Cottage and I along with Father Cottage took a vacation back in the fall of 2016, we journeyed to South West Florida.  During our time there, we went on a day trip, just east of Naples, to The Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp.  A magical place indeed.  I could only hope to capture some of this incredible beauty with my camera. So if you will indulge me today, I will share a photo heavy post of some of that special day.  Continue reading

Farm Market Color

 I received a couple packets of seeds for Christmas and ever since; I’ve been dreaming of  my garden plans for this year.  Lush vegetables and colorful flowers and bees buzzing.


This happens every year about this time, the garden dreams start.  Last year was a garden nightmare, no two ways about it.  Hopefully this year will be more successful.

In the meantime, I came across photos I took last February at the local Farm Market that we go to in South West Florida when we are at our home there.  The colors, and scents fill me with such simple happy joy.

On this dreary winter day, here is a little color to lift the soul.  Come, take a stroll with me.

1-IMG_3024 1-IMG_3021 1-IMG_3012



Yes, there is a dog in the meat booth.  Something a little off about that.


The food at Taste of Transylvania smells heavenly, next time, I’m giving it a try.

Lots of fresh seafood

1-IMG_3064 1-IMG_3063

Plants and more plants.  I got nuts wanting one of every plant.

I purchased this Pitcher plant, brought it back to Virginia, where it thrived all summer, until I brought it in for the winter.  Dead now.

1-IMG_3030 1-IMG_3034 1-IMG_3037 1-IMG_3038 1-IMG_3039 1-IMG_3044

Orchids and bromeliads, a favorite of mine. Palm trees for sale in every size and shape and variety.

1-IMG_3067 1-IMG_3075 1-IMG_3085 1-IMG_3086

1-IMG_4672 1-IMG_4670 1-IMG_4669 1-IMG_4661 1-IMG_4660

How about that spelling?


This is hands down the best mozzarella I’ve ever had.  This is always my first stop.


Love pesto, so I thought I would give this a try.  Not so much.


This hydro-ponics booth was very cool.


The market is held on Tuesdays and Saturdays, we go both days.

1-IMG_4672 1-IMG_4674 1-IMG_4675

Lots of Bees and Honey.

1-IMG_3092 1-IMG_3091

Food Trucks are a big in this area.  Apparently flowers too.

1-IMG_4652 1-IMG_4653

Mr. Cottage always makes the pink truck one of his first stops.  He loves the authentic German strudel.


1-IMG_4693 1-IMG_4688 1-IMG_4683

Fresh Ginger grown locally.  I can purchase 3-4 large roots for the price of one shriveled one back home.  Mr. Cottage picks out large quantities.  I freeze it and bring it home to VA.


Eggplant everywhere.

1-IMG_4680 1-IMG_4679 1-IMG_4678


1-IMG_4709 1-IMG_4708

1-IMG_4658 1-IMG_4656

Lots of beautiful fresh cut flowers.

1-IMG_4702 1-IMG_4701 1-IMG_4697

Lots of artist and craft – out of respect I don’t take photos.

Except for this lady with the hand crafted soap.  She actually chased me through the parking lot.  She thought I was a writer for the local paper taking photos to write about the farm market.   She begged me to take photos and write about her soap.  Boy was she disappointed when she found out I didn’t work for the paper.


This woman looks like she is daring me to take her photo.


A farm market near the sea, this seems appropriate.


I know what this is.  Do you?


See you later,



fish crow

The common American crow is the Corvus brachyrhynchos the  call sounds like, caw caw caw.

I think they sound like they are laughing – when not giving that spooky scary haunted house on the horizon sound.

I happen to be one of those people who enjoys the antics of crows and ravens.

They are loud boisterous, travel in large flocks and they scavenge.

   Seemingly unpleasant traits.

They are also highly intelligent birds, that  I think get a bad rap.

While we were in Florida a few months ago, I was highly amused by Fish Crows, they are different then our laughing crows back home in Virginia.


these guys entertained me in the back yard for hours.

1-IMG_1408 1-IMG_1429

I put bird seed  in my home-made record bird feeders.  They hang by shepherds hooks in the back yard by the water.

A brief fight with a red wing black bird.


I sat in the shade of the mahogany tree with the camera mesmerized by their antics.

Magnificent blue plumage sparkles as they hop about in the sunshine.



Fish Crow  –  Corvus ossifragus have a call that sounds like unh unh unh.

So if you ask them it they have done something wrong, they will reply unh unh.

The inspiration for my folk-art style pencil sketch is from these silly birds.

fish crow pixlr

I scanned the pencil sketch, then played with digital overlay.  Using new software it was a mistake at first, but then I rather enjoyed the different looks that I could achieve.  I tried several different styles, one of which is in the header of my blog.  Thank you Debra, for asking.

I’ve managed to accidentally delete the files with the other scans, and as of this time, I’ve lost the original pencil sketch.

Once the original is found, it will be available along with others at Night Bird Creations.

I asked the crow if he deleted the files and took the original but he said, unh unh.

See you later, Bye!