Dandelion Sunrise


A new day.

New Beginnings.

My favorite time of the day.

The shadows are long and dew drops glisten in the grass.

Blowing on Dandelions and making wishes, all things seem possible at this hour.

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Life has been happening all so fast and full lately.   Some good, some not so good.  That’s life, isn’t it?

How about with you?  Are you out in the garden?  Making art? Taking care of your animals? Continue reading

of flower feather and faery

These spring days are glorious, although a bit of a roller coaster with up and down temps.  Oh and the wind.  Gosh does it really need to blow this hard?

So, how was your weekend?

I did something this weekend, that I haven’t done in a few years.

 Boy did it feel good.

Now before you guys go thinking something you shouldn’t, this is a clean post.

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share the journey

Morning Y’all. What’s new in your neck of the woods?


I’ve been working on some changes here.

Same blog name, new look.   A funny thing happened on the way to writing this post.

As is often the case, I started to write about one subject and then it ended up being completely different from what I planned.

Truth is I struggle to blog.   Pretty much every post I make, I think in my mind will be my last.

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opening a road-side stand

Early  morning I carry a cooler full of eggs out to the road-stand.  The dogs anxiously run ahead of me; they love hanging out under the tent.  The first frost of the season clings to the grass glistening like a million diamonds in the sunlight.

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sunflower garden

Late summer brings long anticipated blooms from the sunflowers.

Our days have been full with so many projects.

I hope these summer months have been good and kind to your soul.

xo Kim

garden of weeden

In the garden of weeden.


It was a grey morning and the humidity hung thick in the air as I headed out to the big garden to sit and drink my morning coffee.

I rather like the overcast mornings in the garden because the colors seem so vivid and saturated and the camera loves it too.

weeden 3

As I head down the path my furry companions follow along.

betsy and tc

TC stops to wander through the garden and Betsy settles in at my feet.

weeden 2

Eventually That Cat jumps up on the bench next to me and hugs me with his paw.

weeden 9

As I sat there on the bench I thought back to this spring when

I planted a section of wildflower seeds.   This is where flowers and weeds would spring forth harmoniously and it would be ok.

Silly me, somehow I thought the weeds would remain contained to that one area.

wildflowers 7

wilflowers 8

wildflowers 3

wildflowers 1

wildflowers 5


Like a metaphor of life.

Sometimes the weeds take over, your path gets covered and plants pop up unexpectedly.

I find that if  I see and hear with my heart, I discover the beauty hidden among the weeds.

weeden 1


weeden 12

weeden 10

The birds,bees and other flying, crawling creatures certainly don’t mind that I have weeds.  So why should I?

tattered wings

weeden 4

The humming birds dart through the waist-high maze and find flowers to their liking.

weeden 5

weeden 7

weeden 8

weeden 6

weeden 11

Here is hoping you are finding some beauty hidden among the weeds.

See you later, bye!


flowers friends fins

A photo heavy post.

Over the weekend, Mr. Cottage and I went on a shopping trip to my favorite nursery and water garden business.


Milmont Garden Center is a Mennonite owned an operated business in the Shenandoah Valley.  When I step into this place, a peaceful calm surrounds me.


It is herb nirvana for me.  My olfactory senses are on overload.  I walk up and down the row of herbs, touching and feeling and smelling.  I simply can’t help myself.

Eye Candy everywhere!









A sea of shamrocks.


Imagine all the luck!

Outside, row after row of plants, shrubs and trees are all calling to me.  The melody echoes off the mountains.







I can’t think of a more beautiful setting to spend time with the husband, and our friends.


Here, our friends are picking out plants for their garden.

It was hard to leave all this color behind.


A short drive away we arrive at another family owned business Springdale Water Gardens.

The storefront is in an old barn on the property.

1-springdale brnIMG_7811.jpg


It is still early in the season, much too cool for the water plants to make a showing.  They are kept in the greenhouses until warm temps arrive.


Whimsical garden art is being unpacked as we arrive.



Mr. Cottage heads into the shop to purchase a new pump for our pond.



I headed over to the fish building, where I purchased 3 apricot comet fish.


With our purchases stowed in the trunk we head for home.

Just down the road from the water garden business is an old quarry.   The exposed rock provides interesting shapes and colors.


Saw this building on the way back, I love the bright color.


Back home, we introduce the comets to their new swimming grounds.


Gilligan, gives a big hello welcome to the hood.



Today the weather has turned cold and rainy.  April showers…

I hope your weekend was enjoyable.

See you later, Bye!