cool nights warm days in my own private cathedral

These are the days of autumn.  Forecasters in our area say that the leaf color this year will be somewhat lackluster.

We turn the heat on at night and the AC on during the day – crazy.  Me, I’m holding on to the warm weather as long as I can and dancing in the gardens with the last of the flowers.  The light that sparkles off the morning dew and streams through the ornamental grasses makes my garden feel like my own private cathedral.

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farmhouse bathroom a vintage horror story

Our Lucky is growing.  He is now practicing flying in the house.

Soon we will have to make a difficult decision about his future.  What a wonderful thing it has been including him in our furry and feathered family.



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oh so many projects and a peacock in my living room

Why is there a peacock in my living room?

We have so many projects going at once.  We start one, then something comes up and we stop what we are working on and move on to something else.  Please tell me we aren’t the only ones with too many irons in the fire?

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Dottie, Pepper, little Inky and their adopted family

If it is possible for a chicken to squeal with delight, Dottie did just that.

Baby Pepper proclaimed “I’ve got sisters!”

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Red Roof Red Lights the color of Happy

Thank you for your kind response to the post last week, about the crappy week I had.

Our little dog Peanut is doing pretty good except she had a really bad seizure about 4 am the other night.  It scared me and left me feeling pretty helpless.  Afterward, she went right back to sleep as though nothing had happened.  I, however, was up for the rest of the night after that. Continue reading

New Year New Life

In the night, on December 8th,  Mr. Cottage and I became chicken grandparents.  Our little hen, Daisy only 8 months old herself hatched her first chick.  Daisy was terribly weak and unable to stand or walk because of her 21 days of sitting and not eating or drinking.  I knew I needed to help her out.

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summer at the cottage

Haphazard and Unruly.

These summer days have turned hot and dry in Virginia.  I’m wishing for rain; it’s too darn hot to go out and water my potted flowers.

sunflower 1

I love these red sunflowers, but the germination rate has been poor.

 Not long ago I was contacted by The American Horticulture Society – they had seen photos of my gardens on the internet and asked if they could use those images in their next bi-monthly publication.  I was thrilled and said yes, although I don’t subscribe to that magazine, perhaps it is an article about what not to do in your garden.  I’m laughing at this thought since I don’t follow garden rules and my gardens are haphazard unruly messes at best, never-the-less it is an honor.

Raising Chickens.

The big chicks say it’s too hot to lay eggs and the littles haven’t started to lay yet.  I’m so looking forward to getting my first blue or green egg.   But, I don’t want them to grow up too fast, they are so darn cute and entertaining.

 It has been a hard season of losses for our older flock.  The fox seems to be on constant patrol for a fresh chicken dinner.


Stanley Roo has recovered from the great fox fight.  Although he still walks crooked and bent over and his crowing voice is garbled.  We’ve come to an understand, Stanley and I.  He no longer attacks me and I no longer have to carry a broom.  I’d like to think it is his way of showing his appreciation for my efforts so save him from his injuries. I tell him what a handsome rooster he is.


Growing Weeds.

The vegetable garden looks like hell.  I planted corn three different times and what I have to show for my efforts – just a few straggly pathetic stalks.  The tomatoes are abundant but green and not really growing.  The peppers are coming along.  Slowly. The cucumbers are hidden among the weeds.  At least I think they are in there, I’m scared to look too hard for them for fear I’ll grab a snake and not a cucumber.


I love coneflower no matter how many weeds surround it.


Living in a Construction Zone – POW POW POW

When the carpenters are here working, I wish they weren’t.  The compressor and the air guns hum and pop loudly and break up my bliss.  I am, however, so anxious to have this construction behind us.  Sadly, it is a long way from being done.  The piles and piles of lumber and other construction material are everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Last week the carpenters installed one of the windows in the wrong place.  We were not home at the time, but my girlfriend was here, and she realized what they had done and had them correct it immediately.  Thank goodness for her keen eye.




house 3

back porch

Maybe next summer we will be sitting on the back porch drinking lemonade.

Chasing dreams  – you are never too old.

Father Cottage always wanted to travel.  At 84 years young, he is away on his first out of the country trip.  How awesome is that?

I thought I had given up on trying to sell my art-work, then a few months ago I was contacted by a lady that was getting ready to open up a new store.  She wanted to know if I would be interested in having my creations in her store.

 I gathered up a few of my earrings and necklaces and now they are in The Golden Fish, which officially opens tomorrow, in downtown Palmyra, if you are in the area, stop by.

earrings display

Other Silly Dreams.

signage and flowers 2

I had some signs made for The Cottage Roadside Stand.

Trying to sell fresh-cut flowers on the side of the road – what a crazy idea.  But I keep trying.

silver pot with flowers 2

cottage flowers

Thank you for being here today.


xo Kim

share the journey

Morning Y’all. What’s new in your neck of the woods?


I’ve been working on some changes here.

Same blog name, new look.   A funny thing happened on the way to writing this post.

As is often the case, I started to write about one subject and then it ended up being completely different from what I planned.

Truth is I struggle to blog.   Pretty much every post I make, I think in my mind will be my last.

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