the visitor

Monday I entertained an unexpected visitor.

In the night the visitor wandered upon our place and decided to stay the day.


I’m partial to basset hounds.  However, our cat Mr. Bonez, not so much.  It was his duty to keep the visitor in line.

He was wearing a collar that had a phone number.  A call was made.


He was such a good guest.  He got along with our beagle, and ignored the cats.


He didn’t make a mess.

Ate all his food put on his plate.

And then went home at the end of the day.

I’m actually somewhat sad that we were able to reunite him with his family.


He didn’t want to go home either.   He said can I pleeeeaaaaasssee stay.

I hope I will be as good a guest myself.

I have a reservation tonight to check into our local hospital.   It should be a brief visit and hopefully some answers will be found.

See you later, Bye!