chicken dance

The big machines came back this week with a rumble.

The inspector general engineer came to overlook the mountain of dirt and the catacombs below and gave his seal of approval. (BIG YAY)

This week we also received an approval letter from the highway department for our second driveway. (yay again)

So here at the new entrance, is the future site of my fantasy  flower and egg farm stand.


Every agency has to get in on this whole process and get their fees paid – and we haven’t even started building yet.

The distribution box is set in place.



I asked about – what I thought was sheets of plastic down in the drain lines.  Turns out it is a special material, much like garden fabric, that is placed over the plastic drain pipes.

It helps with the drainage, but keeps out the sediment.  Cool beans, huh?

It was ten brr degrees, when I went out early morning, to feed Cornelius and to take these photos.  I didn’t linger long.

Cornelius does a quick fly by to see what was for breakfast and to shout out his thank yous.



Bitter cold, and lots of wind, but no snow.


Saturday was busy busy here.

Mr. Cottage purchased a land-scape rake that goes on the tractor, to smooth out our acres of mud and tree roots left from all the excavation.

Father Cottage was kind enough to haul it out to our place on his truck.



Father Cottage rocking the farm equipment a week after getting his pacemaker. Awesome – huh!

Over by the house, the new septic system was hooked up.

I got the first flush – just sayin’.

Next week we will get the old system pumped out and broken down.


The excavation team wrapped up their part of phase one.

For the next phase, Best man showed up to talk over our house plans.

He will be doing all the architectural drawings for us.  The fun excited part of planning what and where everything will go is next.


Mr. Cottage got to play with his new toy for a little while.


In the foreground of the above photo you can see where he has gone over the soil, and what a difference it makes.



This spring with a smooth surface, I dream of little sunflower seeds making their way to the fresh soil.



Farm Girl sent me a text on Saturday to let me know that our mutual friend would be contacting me about some chickens he wanted to get rid of.

Before I could even respond to her text, we received a phone call from our friend looking to hook me up with his discarded chickens.  Seems he has a couple of hens that

are pecked on by the others in the coop.  He was going to turn them loose or if I wanted them I could have them.

So heck, yeah, even though I’m not prepared – I’m all over that.

In the past we have gotten into situations like this without proper thought and planning and this time we were bound and determined not to get chickens until we had everything in place.

Well that is shot all to the moon and back.

  We are going to spend the day scrambling to put together a make shift coop.

I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time.

I’ve dreamed of this day for at least forty  – yes that is a four and a zero –  years.

The chickens are coming!

I’m doing the chicken dance.

signature feather

4 men 2 deere 1 dog

We passed the turkey, gave thanks and then got to work.

clearing 1

Cottage men gathered in the morning chill and set about clearing for the future drain field that must be put in place when we put the addition on the house.

An engineer came the other week and walked our property for three hours trying to find a place that would perk.

Eventually a site was found, down on the south-west portion of the land; in a thick stand of pines and hardwoods.  This means that there must be a lot of clearing of those woods in order to put the distribution box and drain fields in place.

clearing 2

Mr. Cottage and helpers hope to get as much of this done before we have to hire an excavation company to come in and do the big work.

Mapping out the game plan.  A row of azaleas are dug up and placed in a protected area, for re-planting later.


 Then, off to clear all the brush and small trees.

clearing 3

At 83 Father Cottage can still rock a chainsaw – with Betsy beagle supervising of course.

clearing 5

Lots of smoke.   The loud rumble of the tractor and the cranking of the chainsaw.

clearing 6

And they are off.

clearing 7

clearing 8

clearing 4

Betsy  beagle follows along every step of the way.

clearing 9

Time for laughter, too.

clearing 10

My heart is a little apprehensive, because, yes I’m set in my ways and all this change to our home and property kind of makes me uneasy.

I don’t want to change our forest land and disrupt the wildlife we have.

As soon as Mr. Cottage tuned the tractor off after the first swipe at turning up fresh soil, a red-tailed hawk swooped down looking for mice.

hawk 1

Up and away he soared, before I barely knew what happened.

hawk 2

The next morning bright sunshine brought droves of sweet little chirping birds checking for seeds.


Feeling very thankful for friends and family that came out to help us.

I hope your weekend was full of gratitude.

see you later, Bye!