You Hoo it’s me

I’ve been off-line and out of touch and away.

All summer there has been a whirlwind of activity here at the cottage.  The cottage renovation is still an ongoing process and will be for some time.  The exterior work is complete for the most part.  Our Cottage received her new paint colors – green, blue and white trim.  Quite a new look and if you will notice although I haven’t come up with an official new name to our place and this blog, quite obviously it is no longer Coral Cottage, for now, let’s just call her Our Cottage.


Seems all the gang thinks hanging out on the front porch admiring the new paint job is what it is all about.


The green siding really changes as the light changes throughout the day.  For the most part, I am really happy with it.  The one thing I didn’t want was yellow, and much to my surprise the yellow tone to the green shows prominently.


I’m so happy to find the cosmos and a few zinnias still blooming though we are into November and have had several light frosts.


I’m happily gathering buckets of flowers and making lovely arrangements, with the help of my assistants of course.


The bees and butterflies are enjoying the last of the season too.


Our Cottage family has been tested many times this past year with seemingly endless health challenges.  Recently we held our breath as Mr. Cottage has had a cancer scare.  After several tests, procedures, biopsies and earlier this week, surgery.  I am happy to say he is recovering quite well.  His doctor removed a tumor which he says he feels quite certain is benign and that we should not lose any more sleep.  I feel a tremendous sense of relief, but still holding just a wee bit of breath until the pathology report comes back.

And so, life goes on and we are trying to get back into the swing of normal – whatever that is.

Hoping you all are facing your personal challenges; whatever they may be with an open heart.

I hope to get back to posting more regularly and I look forward to visiting with my on-line friends again  and hearing what you all have been up to.

Thank you for being here today.


xo kim

Welcome to all new readers, I hope you will join the conversation and say hello from time to time.

goodbye Coral Cottage

Goodbye, Coral Cottage.

Hello something something cottage…

We are going green and blue.

All summer I’ve had paint samples taped to various parts of the house.  I studied those samples at different times of the day and on sunny days and cloudy days, ’cause you know how paint can change in different light.  After a few weeks, I had pretty much narrowed my choice down.  I wanted colors that had a light breezy coastal vibe but didn’t scream beach house.  We have lived with and loved the coral, purple and yellow paint on the cottage for many years now.  However, with the new red roof those colors did not work.  And it was time for a change.  Besides, the new colors complement our peacocks – oh yes that’s important. Continue reading

cottage farmhouse we are under roof

The carpenters have finished their part of the exterior work on our cottage farmhouse renovation.  We are officially under roof.

That’s a big hallelujah-Whoot Whoot!!

underroof front


underroof back of house

Back Elevation

But oh so far from being finished.

All the siding and exterior trim work have been completed.  Well, except for some detail work.  I’m looking for some vintage corbels that I want to add to the back porches to give it that old farmhouse character.  I haven’t found any that I was willing to pay the price, so the search is still on.

The many delays we have experienced have given us the opportunity to rethink our interior space.  We (that’s the royal we) because it really is Mr. Cottage doing the physical work. Have moved a few doorways more than once and now we are moving walls too.  So, even though the delays have been very frustrating; in the end, I think we will be happy with the changes that have been and will be made. Continue reading

Cottage Farmhouse July update

Time has flown by since we last visited.

peafowl and roses

This is my most red,white and blue photo I could come up with today – for those of you that join me in celebrating Independence Day.

We (that’s the royal we) have taken on the role of general contractor on our farmhouse renovation.  It is at best a slow, tedious task with glimpses of good and excitement with anticipation of what will be.  The next big phase should take place this coming week.  The carpenters will be here installing the siding.  The Cottage men have been working for weeks, priming all the siding before it goes up – a monumental task at best.

 Today it is pouring rain and Mr. Cottage is still at it steady working in the rain.  I’ve spent countless hours studying paint chips and trying to decide on the exact colors I want for the exterior.  I have paint charts taped all over the outside of the house, so I can view them in the different light and at different times of the day.  One minute I’ll pick a combination and think it is the one, a few days later I wonder what was I thinking?  The color combination will be blues and greens, of the coastal nature.  My inspiration comes from fabric of curtains I sewed for our living room.  Have I  mentioned how much we love our new bright red roof?  We get a lot of compliments on it.  However it does not work with the current coral colored siding and besides, it’s time for a change. Continue reading


Life has been happening all so fast and full lately.   Some good, some not so good.  That’s life, isn’t it?

How about with you?  Are you out in the garden?  Making art? Taking care of your animals? Continue reading

of flower feather and faery

These spring days are glorious, although a bit of a roller coaster with up and down temps.  Oh and the wind.  Gosh does it really need to blow this hard?

So, how was your weekend?

I did something this weekend, that I haven’t done in a few years.

 Boy did it feel good.

Now before you guys go thinking something you shouldn’t, this is a clean post.

Continue reading


Good day y’all.

Are you doing the happy spring dance too?

Spring is the time for renewal and new life and new beginnings.

We’ve got lots of new here at the cottage.  New life springing forth, new growth, new beginnings.

Sadly we lost our oldest and largest koi, Gilligan, this past week.  Yes, I cried over the loss of a fish.

Continue reading

here a coop there a coop

It is overcast and a little dreary this morning.

15 new chicks are coming next week and I’m excited like an expectant mother should be.  I’ve got the brooder ready, for the most part.  It is set up in my front hall.  Yep, that’s right –  in the front hall, so if you come a callin’ expect chickens in the house. Continue reading

Cottage farmhouse renovation update February 2016

Hi Y’all.  Big red trucks rumbled up to the Cottage on a cold windy day.  We were so excited to see them, that we hardly minded the cold.

But first, let me tell you as I type this we have the loudest most annoying, house shaking and exciting things happening at the Cottage today.  I can’t wait to share with you later. Continue reading