cool nights warm days in my own private cathedral

These are the days of autumn.  Forecasters in our area say that the leaf color this year will be somewhat lackluster.

We turn the heat on at night and the AC on during the day – crazy.  Me, I’m holding on to the warm weather as long as I can and dancing in the gardens with the last of the flowers.  The light that sparkles off the morning dew and streams through the ornamental grasses makes my garden feel like my own private cathedral.

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Dottie, Pepper, little Inky and their adopted family

If it is possible for a chicken to squeal with delight, Dottie did just that.

Baby Pepper proclaimed “I’ve got sisters!”

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Love cookies and a great big cock-a-doodle-do

Tuesday it was all about cookies love.


I baked a batch of chocolate chip love cookies for Valentine’s Day.


While the cookies were baking, the cat, the dog, and the chicken slept peacefully.


But the minute the cookies were done baking – Winter popped up and said are they ready?


Chocolate Chip Pecan Love Cookies recipe here.

Love is in the air.

Daisy and Winter continue to make my heart full with their antics and their amazing love bond.


Winter is now 10 weeks old and continues to go into the nesting box with Daisy each morning when Daisy lays her egg.  She waits patiently for Daisy to finish her task and then they are off to forage and do chicken things.

He’s baaack.


Stanley Roo of nine lives – he is permanently bent over and walks crooked.  He is missing a bunch of feathers and looks rather pathetic when you see him in person. He has survived so many fox, snake and dog attacks.  This recent incident left me feeling his time was near, and I had planned his funeral.  He hadn’t been able to crow or perform his rooster duties for quite some time. He was lethargic and no longer watched over his girls, it seemed this was going to be the end of him.

Then a miracle occurred.

Early one morning while it was still dark out, we heard this sad pathetic muted, garbled cock-a-doodle-do.  Then a little while later we heard it again.

And then again.

Stanley Roo was crowing again!

And then.

He was loving the girls again, too.

Each evening now, as all the chickens make their way to the coop for the night, Stanley wobbles and staggers in, completely exhausted from a day of loving.  But he seems quite content.


Stanley Roo watching over his flock.

Maybe he had some of those love cookies too.

Thank you for being here today.

xo Kim