faded roses and my affair

Today for lunch I had a pink lemonade margarita.

I believe the tequila gave me the fortitude to get out there with my camera and enjoy the last of the quickly fading roses.

I’m well thank you.

 However during my recovery the gardens marched on in stunning beauty, we think we have had the loveliest of blooms this year.

Fleeting and ever-changing there is still some beauty left to be loved by the camera.

1-IMG_3964 1-IMG_3967 1-IMG_3972

It is impossible to take close up photos of anything – ANY THING now and not have a cicada clinging to it.

Yup, we are smack dab right in the middle of the 17 year cycle.

Oh and have I mentioned the noise is deafening?

Well it is.


Don’t hate me – I plucked them off of these so I could get a few shots without their glowing orange eyes.

1-IMG_3983 1-IMG_3984 1-IMG_3985

Dear Canon EOS 60D how I have missed you so, could we please resume our affair?



It seems  like a life time ago now, but Mr. Cottage and I used to be test rose growers for Jackson and Perkins.

Sadly, years of neglect on our part have left most of the roses to revert to root-stock or have died.



1-IMG_4066 1-IMG_4034


The tequila and the walk in the gardens with the camera did me a world of good.  Thanks for walking along with me.

 Dear blogging friends, I’m so slow to get back in the swing of reading and commenting on your wonderful blogs, I’ll be back soon.

See you later, Bye!