Happy Birthday Winter and a farmhouse renovation update Dec. 2017

Snow is falling.

I cooked a feast as though I was expecting an army.   Mr. Cottage carved the turkey, we gathered our little family together, we gave thanks and ate until our bellies could hold no more. Continue reading

colored world

So, how was y’alls week?


We had a mixed bag of weather again this week, nothing major – enough snow to be pretty, then it went away.

Father Cottage had surgery this week, which he came through with flying colors.

Earlier in the week, That Cat and I took a little walk in the snow.

First Stop is to watch the fish swim under the ice.





Hello Mr. Owl, hope your head isn’t too cold.








My studio remains quiet and under pad-lock, but oh so lovely in a blanket of white.  Don’t you think?

The last of the logs were hauled away this week, clearing the way for the excavation to continue.

If the weather would only allow…

Here’s the thing.

I’m wrestling with my colored world.

When all the changes come about to our little cottage, you guys might be surprised to know

that Coral Cottage will no longer be.  I mean our cottage will no longer be coral colored.

You know I love color, so it won’t be colorless, I can assure you of that!

My domain name expires soon and so will this blog.

I’m not sure where that leaves us.

I’ve been pondering this for a long time, but the answer hasn’t come to me.

Whether I should continue to blog.

Should I continue to blog under a new name?

I’ve really come to enjoy the conversations that I have shared with my on-line blogging friends and don’t really want that to end.

Sigh.  I’ll continue to ponder.


Later today the super bowl will be played, and tomorrow is groundhog day.  Personally I’d rather watch a groundhog look for his shadow – just sayin’.

A little February folk-lore.

• February 2 is also Candlemas Day. It’s no accident that Groundhog Day and Candlemas are celebrated together, for both signify the triumph of light over darkness, spring over winter. In the Christian tradition, it is the day when a year’s supply of candles are blessed. See more about Candlemas.

• February 2 is 40 days after Christmas and is known as the Feast of the Purification among Christians. “February” was the month for cleansing, when yule greens were removed from homes and churches and old brush and debris were burned to prepare the fields for the next sowing.

• February 2 is exactly halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, and the daylight is 1 hour and 2 minutes longer on this day than it was when winter began.

When is the spring equinox? See our First Day of Spring page here.

Oh, about those groundhogs: Expect 6 more weeks of winter either way!

I totally took all the above information from The Farmer’s Almanac.

signature feather

fairly lackluster

We braced for cold temperatures and much more snow than we received.

All said and done, it was a fairly lackluster snow event.

Still, I went out with the camera earlier this morning and took a few shots.

1-IMG_9050 1-IMG_9054 1-IMG_9060 1-IMG_9088 1-IMG_9116

My Rosemary is not happy with these cold temps.  From a distance, the snow looks like cotton bushes.

I must admit, I was pretty cold while I was snapping away.  Especially my feet.  I wasn’t wearing the right shoes for snow walking.


I figure about now someone is going to say something about all the alcohol bottles on my property.

1-IMG_9134 1-IMG_9154 1-IMG_9161 1-IMG_9166 1-IMG_9169 1-IMG_9173

Or all the rusty crusty junk I have every where that I call garden art.


Every couple of photos I throw in a nature scene, or an architectural element,  just to throw you off a bit.

1-IMG_9184 1-IMG_9196 1-IMG_9199 1-IMG_9201-001

1-IMG_9217 1-IMG_9219 1-IMG_9227 1-IMG_9247 1-IMG_9251

I amuse myself with the snow-covered palm trees.

1-IMG_9289 1-IMG_9297 1-IMG_9301


I think to myself, a quiet snow-covered day is perfect for a blast from the Lukenheimer.

1-IMG_9307 1-IMG_9319

1-IMG_9334 1-IMG_9348 1-IMG_9372 1-IMG_9376 1-IMG_9378

Mr. Bonez is being a real sissy about this snow.

He does not want it to touch his feet.  So he sits in front of his cat door and sulks.

1-IMG_8963 1-IMG_8965 1-IMG_8979

The snowy Christmas scene I put together in the glass terrarium, seems fitting against the snowy background.  Even if it gives away the fact that I still haven’t put away all my holiday decorations.  I’ll get around to that eventually.

See you later,