spring stones and surgery

Spring at last.

I’ll be away from blog land for a while, so I want to leave you with a few photos.

coral cottage spring

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ding ding ding

In just a few hours the calendar will flip to spring!

The weather has not.

banna plant with bird

I took the above photo way back last spring, right after we acquired our banana tree.

Dear Spring, I’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival.  A thousand foot and paw prints have tracked snow and muck across my floors.  The birds have consumed hundreds of pounds of seeds.  Countless shovels of snow have been shoveled.   Many gallons of fuel have burned to keep us warm and cozy.  Soup has been sipped,  hot tea has been drunk. Layers of blankets, and long johns, mittens and scarfs  and wooly hats, have been worn.  I have dreamed about you, and talked about you.  I’ve planned my gardens, and decorated my dreams with seed packets and containers brimming with blooms.  In my mind, garden soil has been tilled. My flip-flops are at the ready.  Lastly, the banana tree I over-wintered in my stair-way is growing too large for us to pass up or down the stairs comfortably.  So,  dear spring, I invite you – please make yourself at home for a few months so we can move the tree back outside.

tree in stairwell..jpg

Thank you for your consideration.