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chicken dance

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

The big machines came back this week with a rumble. The inspector general engineer came to overlook the mountain of dirt and the catacombs below and gave his seal of approval. (BIG YAY) This week we also received an approval letter from the highway department for our second driveway. (yay again) So here at the …

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Is it too soon to start dreaming of a spring garden? Or of seed catalogs and their incredible photography and lovely words casting a spell around a persons green thumb dreams? I’ve got the fever for sure.  However, I don’t have any new seed catalogs. So, thanks to  Pinterest and one of my boards, I’m …

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Truth be told, my gypsy heart doesn’t wander too far from home. It does, however crave change, no boundaries and open expression. As many of you guys know, I have been recovering from a cervical injury for the past year and half.  I’ve made great progress, but I am far from where I should be. …

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