Ruby Sloggers There’s No Place Like Home

Brilliant sunshine, fallen leaves crispy and crunchy under my feet, heavy with a coating of frost, a thousand diamonds shimmer in the grass.  An owl screeches high in the treetops.  A donkey is braying loudly and the chickens are beginning their morning chatter.  Swoosh swoosh a flock of buzzards soars overhead.

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farmhouse renovation – excavation

The journey began over a year ago.
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i heard an owl in the night

Hi Y’all – hope all you folks that celebrate Thanksgiving had a beautiful day full of love and happiness with someone special.

We changed our traditions this year, and it was a great day full of family and love.

What more could a person ask for.

A second day was spent with the other side of the family that was also pleasant and full of blessings.

We had a little cat emergency with That Cat on Thanksgiving and by the next day we knew he needed vet care.  I’m still not allowed to drive and Mr. Cottage had to leave for work early on Friday – long before the veterinary office was open.

Thank goodness that we can call our vet a very good friend.  A friend indeed, he offered to come and pick up That Cat and take him to the office and worked on him for us.

Thank you Dr. Sam.

That Cat is back home now, we are keeping a close eye on him, but I am suspicious, you know the way a mother’s intuition can be, that he may need to go back to the hospital for some follow-up care.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Please put That Cat on your positive wishes list.


We have been stuffed to the gills with amazing turkey and ham and all the fixings, that other people have made for us.

But, I’ve really been wanting to do some cooking for myself.

Last night I fixed my first big meal in about 3 months.  I was completely exhausted by the time I was done cooking, but I managed to put in a good effort and eat a big helping.

I have physical therapists come out to the house and work with me a couple of days a week.

Today, I’m calling yesterdays session physical torture – I’m sore.

I also have a happy secret art project that I am working on and I can’t wait to share  with you, when the time is right.

Meanwhile, I guess there is hustle and bustle in the air for those that celebrate Christmas.

My favorite holiday.

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

If you love home-made gifts as much as I do pay Staci over at Life at Cobble Hill Farm a visit, she is doing a great series on just that very thing.

Wish I could keep up with all the greatness she is making.

Meanwhile I heard an owl singing in the night as I lay awake last night.

There is some folklore attached to that, which says it means death is imminent.

I choose to believe it was a song that I had been waiting to hear in my heart for something that is dear to me.

I have a thing for birds.

And that my friends, is what I have been up to here at Coral Cottage.

See you later, Bye!