qypsy queen

The sun came out and warmed all the raindrops still clinging to every object as far as the eye could see.

I headed out with my camera to soak in the sun and to find something interesting  to capture with the lens.

As I passed by my studio I wondered what surprises I might find inside.  My art creations have been packed away for several years now.  My studio has been locked tight.  Boxes  are piled high with paths barely wide enough for me to squeeze through.

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repurposed in the garden

Sandwiched between somewhat sunny days and snow days; my garden fantasies have run rampant.


Mr. Cottage and I shopped for garden supplies and treated ourselves to soft serve ice-cream over the weekend.

Tuesday it snowed.  Again.

Maybe we pulled the trigger on these too soon.  They have been covered with protective plastic since we purchased them.  The harsh winter has killed many of our plants, so we are starting over.

Especially hard to take was the loss of my beloved rosemary it was every bit of 6 feet by 4 feet.  We lost the smaller bushes as well.  The thyme looks to be a loss, but I won’t call it yet.

Creeping phlox on the back of the Koi Pond and down the front bank, mostly gone.

I’ve wanted to go to a large-scale container gardening system for a while.  I would love to use galvanized animal stock containers.  They are however, quite a bit expensive, so they are out of the budget at this time.  I have a lot of old galvanized buckets, wash tubs and sap buckets.  A few chicken feeders too; that I’ve used over the years in my gardens.  This year I hope to step it up a notch.

One of our chicken feeders from last year.


Some inspiration from pins on my In the Garden board at Pinterest.

I purchased a few replacement herbs over the weekend.  Rosemary rests in a sap bucket I purchased many years ago on a trip up to New England.  The sign I made using my plasma torch and re-cycled duct work.  Parsley in an old rusty funnel.

I have these hanging on the side of the house outside the kitchen door, where I can easily bring them in at night; until it stays warm enough to keep out.



Asian Cabbage in an old tub.


Snapdragons wrapped in snow.


I’ll have to put a hold on working outside for a bit, until the latest snow melts.

Do you use old containers in a repurposed way in your garden?

See you later, Bye!


P.S. There has been a bit of debate as to whether galvanized material is safe to plant your food in.  From what I have read – the concern is if it leaches zinc.  My understanding is that Zinc is a mineral that we all need and the quantity mostly like absorbed by the planted material would not be harmful.  Zinc is not a poison.  Cold tables (which I do not personally use) are made of zinc – just sayin.  So if you are concerned about using this material don’t.

give away – as in free stuff

Know what?

 This has been kind of tough week.

 So I feel like doing something that would make me feel good.

I’m going to have a giveaway.  I’m giving away a pair of my up-cycled wood tape measure earrings.

Keep them for yourself or give them away as a gift.

tape measure earings

They hang from SS ear wires, they are made from vintage wood tape measure that I cut up, I’ve added an aqua color bead, and cogs from an old watch I took apart dangle at the bottom.

Easy Peasy to win.

If you are on Facebook give me a like on my Night Bird Creations page, leave a message saying you would like to be included in the give away.

Not on Facebook, then just leave a message here that you would like to be included in the giveaway.

Told ya it was easy.

Want to see another photo with description, go to my Etsy shop.

Good luck.

Winner announced on Saturday.

See you later, Bye!


Mr. Cottage gets crafty

A couple of months ago Mr. Cottage dug through our  scrap copper pile and came up with the idea to make a trellis for one of our clematis plants that was sprawling all over where it shouldn’t.


He played around with a couple of different designs and then he got to work soldering everything in place.

1-IMG_9772 1-IMG_9769 1-IMG_9766 1-IMG_9725

He used silver solder, even though it is quite a bit more expensive; because he says that the silver is a lot stronger and he felt it would hold up better over time.

Putting the finished design in place.

1-IMG_9790 1-IMG_9789 1-IMG_9788

Not bad for his first attempt – don’t you think?

We call it the StarTrek Trellis.

Then the wait for the clematis to grow and take a hold on the trellis.  Little by little, it climbed on up and buds started forming and finally… TAA DAA

The clematis has sprawled all over the trellis and has reached the top.

1-IMG_6408 1-IMG_6395 1-IMG_6390 1-IMG_6388 1-IMG_6383 1-IMG_6378

Hoo-ray for crafty husbands!

See you later, Bye


wearing curtains

I’m teaching myself how to sew.  I have a stash of old fabric and clothing that I am repurposing into other useable objects.

  I should tell you I don’t follow directions and I don’t use patterns and no, I’ve never had a lesson.

    Any of y’all out there old enough to laugh with me on this.  Remember the classic Carol Burnett show –  the episode where she is doing a spoof on Scarlett O’Hara – to make a dress  she wraps the drapes around her – pole and all?  I still laugh uproariously when I think about that episode.

apron made from my kitchen curtains

apron made from my kitchen curtains

Yes indeed, this flamingo fabric used to hang at my kitchen window.

I’m an apron wearing gal.  I think I got that from my grandmother.  I wear one when I am in the kitchen and while gardening, and working in the studio. No, I don’t play naughty maid dress-up.

Also from the recycle/ repurpose bin, this crazy wild print came from an old blouse that my mother made many years ago.  I cut up the fabric and repurposed it into an apron.

short apron

half apron

and because everybody should have a purse to match their apron


I’m off to see what other projects I can get into.

See ya later, bye