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Not being one that feels as though they can offer upbeat advice, positive thoughts and such, I’m just not going to attempt to do so.  I try to look on the positive side of things, although I’ll admit there are times when I struggle with it.  I’m just not the cheerleader type. Like  – yay people, everything is gonna be alright.  I’m also not going to sit around and talk doom and gloom with y’all.


I had been feeling there is a lack in interest in my blog posts and before this world crisis started, I was preparing to go into our busy season here on the farm, which by nature would take my time and take me away from blogging and this blog would just quietly shut down for either ever or awhile, whichever it was meant to be. Continue reading



A cold dark foreboding mist is covering the farm, perhaps evocative of what so many are feeling these days.

I screamed a primal sound that a mother makes when her baby is in the snatches of a dragon.  I ran with fear in my heart towards the sound of terror coming from Snowball.

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 Farmers have been gardening by moon phases dating back to ancient times. I too follow this practice. For me, it makes me feel more connected to the earth and the rhythms of nature.

The 23rd was a new moon, perfect for planting seeds.

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Dried lambs ears and lavender, my herbal version of a smudge stick. I experimented last summer with making these.  I used a lot of the lamb’s ear in place of white sage, which is traditionally used in smudge sticks, we do not, however, grow that here.  Lavender and rosemary and roses are some of my other favorite flowers and herbs to use.

  I’m planning to make more of these dried lovelies.

They speak to my heart.

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What a week – you too?

Highs and lows and I’m not just talking about the weather.

This week in our neck of the woods we had an earthquake, flooding rains, high winds, gloriously warm temperatures followed by plummeting temperatures. Continue reading

I wanted to be an official ambassador for the program Growing Kindness, but sadly I missed the deadline.

So why not start my own local project. Continue reading

On the other side of the once clean kitchen window.

I snap a few photos.

The window was nicely cleaned recently by Mr. Red Dirt.  These little critters have dirtied it up with their cute little paws and their nudging little noses.

My daily entertainment.

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A brilliant sky, pink with swirls of blue and purple if only for a moment, long enough for me to take just a few photos and then it was gone.   That’s how the morning started yesterday.  Sleet and freezing rain with just a bit of snow fell briefly.

I find time to write now because even though it seems a long way off, warmer temperatures will bring busier times for me here on the farm.

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Are you too experiencing these crazy mild temperatures?  I can not lie, I am doing a happy dance.  There was winter weather this week in the surrounding counties and even parts of ours, but it circled around our little piece of red dirt, and left us with cold rain and just a few flakes.  Today it was so warm I potted up a few pansies I had purchased months ago.  I planted several of them in the urns on the front porch when I got them and there were a few packets leftover I have been meaning to do something with, today was such a perfectly mild day to toil in some soil.

This whole full moon and eclipse events in the sky above has had me unable to sleep.  When I do sleep I have vivid dreams that leave me feeling shaken.  If you are a follower of astrology you then know, there is much happening right now.  I’m quite sensitive to these things.  How about you?

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