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growing flowers dancing with chickens painting joy

Exhaustion. I haven’t slept well in over a week now and it is really catching up with me. I’m really feeling worn out.

What are you feeling these days?

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Small town

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

To my fellow Americans – Happy Independence Day!

When I get to witness or participate in these special events, I feel extremely fortunate to live small, small town that is.  It feels very authentic to me.

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Flowers make people happy.

Giving them away just for the act of kindness fills my heart and soul.


A few years ago when debating on opening an Instagram account I heard so many negative things about Instagram that I didn’t think it was the place for me. Eventually I  did open an account; and I have been pleasantly surprised with all the goodness that has come from holding a place there.  I have met a wonderful group of folks from all around the world that are kind, encouraging and cheer each other on.  It has really been a good thing especially this past year during all the hard times we were all going through.

When I read that a women that I follow, lost her daughter to cancer this February, it inspired something in me.

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