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Bright amazing sunshine is ours today.  It is also extremely cold and the wind is relentless.

The forecast in the coming days is calling for snow, sleet and freezing rain, which stinks for a multitude of reasons including, I’m over winter and we still don’t have the new roof in place.  The tarp is holding up so far…

We are passing our time here waiting for progress to be made on our home addition/renovation.

Last weekend, Father Cottage and friends came out and worked on pulling out part of the old built-in gutter, which must be removed before the new roof is installed.



The peacocks helped.


The metal is lifted up so they can remove rotten wood.



New wood is cut with the assistance of Coconut and Papaya


The electrician was out this week and installed the electrical boxes outside for the power to be connected to the house and a new breaker box was installed.  The county inspector came out and inspected and approved this phase.  Next week, weather permitting the power company will be out to move the existing power lines and hook up the new.  The new lines will be underground.

I haven’t taken any photos of the new electrical boxes – although it is pretty exciting to us at this point to have something – anything done I wonder how exciting a picture of a metal box on the side of the house would be to y’all.

I’ve passed some time on personal projects lately including embroidery and stitching up scraps of vintage fabric.


   This is an old calendar tea towel from 1960 something.  I stamped some print on top of the calendar portion, then drew free hand flowers, which I am embroidering.  I don’t have the slightest idea what I am going to turn this into when it is finished.  I’ve been working on it off and on for over a year, totally making it up as I go.  Maybe it is already finished and I don’t even know it yet.


A few of the scraps have been turned into necklaces.


Sometimes I just sit and stare at the ribbons, the old fabric scraps and before I know it time has passed and I haven’t accomplished the first thing.

Speaking of passing, Boo is curled up on the floor beside me passing gas, perhaps I should take him for a walk.

So, tell me – how are you passing time these days, any new projects or creative pursuits?

Have a good week, and happy valentine’s day to you.

valentine card violets

xo kim

6 thoughts on “passing time passing gas

  1. Ha! Way too cold to take our dogs for a walk, and yes, they lie there passing gas until I am forced to crack the door open. yikes. I don’t remember this from dogs I had when I was younger. I think it must be the food we give them but who knows.
    So exciting to see the progress on your house. I can imagine how pleased you are with the box on the side of the house! And to have underground wires~excellent. Thank goodness the peacocks are on hand to assist! 🙂


    1. Kim says:

      It is way too cold for a walk, but I put on 5 layers and did it, the gas build-up was way excessive. Recently the dogs have an obsession with finding chicken poop and eating it – so grooooss! Yeah a picture of a metal box on the side of the house is like watching bowling on TV! I wish we could find some construction workers that were half as interested in working on the house as the peacocks. How is your new studio space coming? xo k


      1. I hate to tell you what I’ve caught my dog eating…blech! Honestly I’m less of a fan of dogs after this one. If it is disgusting he will do it or eat it.
        The new space is going slower than I want it to. Hopefully I’ll be hanging paintings by tomorrow and can begin using it to create new work by Tuesday. But then I said that a week ago…. 🙂 In the mean time I am working on a snow scene on an easel tucked in a corner of my bedroom, and fat snowflakes are falling. Hope you see warmer temps and inspired workers this week!
        xo m


  2. says:

    Kim – I like your new photo at the top of the blog and I am really enjoying the progress photos on the renovation.


    1. Kim says:

      Not sure which photo you mean, but thanks. Progress is slower than we would like. This is a good way for me to journal this progress.


  3. says:

    The photo of you that was taken in Florida.


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